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Climate neutral for ten years

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Menu and More has been climate-neutral for ten years, making it the first climate-neutral catering provider in Switzerland. The balanced meals are delivered daily to more than 550 lunch tables and reheted on site.

On 27 May 2021, the national climate day will take place in Switzerland. Menu an More is setting a good example and has been climate neutral for ten years, thanks to activities that range from the use of sustainable raw materials from the region to Fairtrade products and renewable energies to recycling and publishing sustainability reports. The proportion of organic and/or Fairtrade products is over 24 percent. Further features are the renunciation of airfreight and exclusively palm oil-free products. The company has been heating with wood pellets since 2009. The plant has heat recovery and uses electricity from 100% hydropower. All letter and parcel shipping is also climate neutral. Although Menu and More is constantly modernizing its vehicle fleet and already has an electric vehicle in use, CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoidedyet. The goal is for transportation to be entirely renewable and emission-free by 2030. Until then, the company compensates its CO2 emissions completely through 'Gold Standard' climate protection projects in Africa.

How much CO2 does a menu cause?

The food industry causes one third of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. A climate-friendly diet therefore has great potential to reduce climate change. The biggest leverage is in the composition of menus. An average menu causes about 1,258 g of CO2 - a climate-friendly one, on the other hand, causes 50% less, or about 629 g of CO2. The chefs at Menu and More therefore prefer to prepare climate-friendly menus and offer more than 50% vegetarian meals.
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Menu and More
Menu and More AG is a company of the Eldora Group. The company employs 58 people from 14 nations and specialises in the preparation and delivery of healthy, child-friendly menus for school lunches and crèches. Over 550 institutions throughout German-speaking Switzerland now rely on the fresh menus. The service provider is a one-stop, climate-neutral supplier of everything from preparation and packaging to the refrigerator at the lunch table, generating annual sales of around CHF 21 million.