21st European Foodservice Summit - Digital Talk

Restaurant trends in the time of pandemic

Christopher Muller, Ph. D. will be the speaker at the 2nd Digital Summit Talk.
Christopher Muller, Ph. D. will be the speaker at the 2nd Digital Summit Talk.

In our second Digital Summit Talk, we as foodservice Europe & Middle East, the GDI in Zurich and our educational partners are proud to present another top-class speaker: Christopher C. Muller, PhD, is one of the founders of the European Foodservice Summit in Zurich and an absolute expert on the professional restaurant industry.

Join our free Digital Talk "Restaurant Trends in the Time of Pandemic – Options & Opportunities"

  • From Bird’s-Eye View to Street Level
  • Strategic and Tactical Moves for the Future
Date: 3rd December 2020, 3 p.m. (CET)

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In this presentation we will dive into the major and minor global industry-wide changes that will present both challenges and opportunities for operators as we look towards 2021 and a Post-Pandemic future.

Even before the Pandemic hit in double waves, the market was beginning to see other major shifts taking shape. At no time since the 1950’s and the rapid growth of the new QSR/Fast Food movement has the industry been presented with the type of change that is happening today. Convenience (where the food goes to the customer) vs. Experience (where the customer goes to the food) are becoming the defining categories for foodservice.

Greater use of delivery was already shaking the traditional dine-in industry to its core while creating the new and growing Ghost Kitchen movement. Increased use of the Drive Thru has changed the definition of "going out to eat." Demographic changes were relentlessly altering a traditional customer base as both older and younger customers have changed their habits. Concerns for healthy dining, sustainability and climate change are relentlessly pushing themselves into the conversation.

Of course, COVID-19 is still hanging over everything. Cities, towns, even villages are defined by the quality and liveliness of their restaurant communities. As restaurants became the "public living room" for so many people, the impact of lockdowns or closings has had more than a simple impact on the quality of life for many people.