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Worldwide climate protection projects

The Apetito kitchen in Rheine has been using green electricity across the board for many years. One of many measures for climate protection at the site.
The Apetito kitchen in Rheine has been using green electricity across the board for many years. One of many measures for climate protection at the site.

By supporting climate protection projects in Malawi and Zambia, catering group Apetito is offsetting unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions from its commercial kitchen in Rheine. For the 2020 financial year, this would offset around 8,850 tonnes of CO2-Emissions.

With the new module, Apetito wants to make its central kitchen climate-neutral and supplement measures already taken on site. According to the company, the climate protection project "Efficient Cookstoves" has a volume of 55,250 euros. The project is being implemented together with the Swiss service provider South Pole.

Holistic climate protection commitmentAs a

component of the Group strategy, the projects are intended to help avoid and reduce the negative environmental impact of the company's own business activities. Due to increasing production volumes in particular, optimisation of carbon dioxide saving
processes is only possible up to a certain point. Apetito sustainability manager Thomas Reich not only wanted to avoid emissions locally, but also to contribute to the UN development goals: "Our project enables the local population to cook in a way that is less harmful to the environment and thus, in addition to saving emissions, also promotes the health of the local people".

The climate neutrality of production was a declared goal as part of Apetito's climate protection strategy. It is to be achieved through many individual measures, some of which have already been implemented and some of which are in the planning stage. The measures in Rheine are coordinated by the climate protection manager Health/Safety & Environment (HSE) as part of the Apetito environmental programme. These include the widespread purchase of green electricity, the use of LED lamps or the replacement of cooking pots in the factory kitchen with more energy-efficient equipment in order to save emissions, as HSE coordinator Dirk Grasse explains.

Apetito has been supporting the Efficient Cookstoves project since 2020, which covers the two South African countries of Zambia and Malawi and aims to provide around 500,000 efficient and affordable cookstoves to local people. Each household will receive two stoves to simultaneously boil domestic water and prepare food. The efficient cooking stoves save CO2 emissions compared to conventional open firing and contribute to health protection.

Climate protection efforts continue

The climate-neutral production at the Rheine site is to be the start of further measures for climate protection within Apetito AG. On the basis of the environmental management system, which has been EMAS-certified since 1998, the company would like to adopt long-term climate protection targets in a next step. Together with South Pole, Apetito AG is already working on the implementation of further climate protection projects. In Uganda, the Albertine Rift climate protection project is currently under construction, which combines climate protection with forest and health protection in a similar way, says Apetito.