Aral | Coffee to go

Reusable push

From 1 February, 900 Aral petrol stations in Germany will be offering drinks-to-go in returnable cups.
From 1 February, 900 Aral petrol stations in Germany will be offering drinks-to-go in returnable cups.

Returnable cups on tour. As one of the largest coffee-to-go providers in Germany, Aral is cooperating with the Munich-based deposit cup start-up Recup. From 1 February, their returnable cups will be introduced at 900 filling stations.

Less waste, same enjoyment, is Aral's motto. At all participating filling stations, customers can take their coffee in a reusable cup. The deposit fee is 1 euro. The next time the customer visits an Aral service station, the used cup is returned or exchanged for a fresh coffee in a fresh, clean cup. On-site dishwashers ensure hygienic cleanliness, Aral informs.

"The use of disposable packaging is increasingly being discussed in public debate. Through the cooperation with Recup, we are now offering customers at participating service stations a sustainable alternative for enjoying coffee on the go - without compromising on taste," explains Mechthild Menke, Head of Shop Business at Aral.

Durable and tasteless

With the new partner Aral, the network of the Recup deposit system grows by 20 percent, explains Recup founder Fabian Eckert. "Reusable systems are intended for nationwide use. The more tightly woven the network of Recup partner businesses is, the easier it is to integrate the deposit system into everyday life and the more disposable cups are saved," he says.

According to the supplier, the returnable cups are made of fully recyclable plastic that can withstand up to 1,000 dishwasher washes without damage. At Aral and thousands of other acceptance points throughout Germany, the cups are available in three sizes: 0.2 liters, 0.3 and 0.4. A Recup lid fits all cup sizes, but is not part of the deposit system, but can be purchased in addition.

At Aral, the filling station partners themselves decide whether they participate in the Recup system. The blue and white petrol station brand assumes that in the course of the year more than half of the total of around 2,400 locations could offer the deposit cup. With the first 900, the Recup network will grow to more than 6,000 acceptance points in Germany.