Restaurant feeling at home


However, those who work from home do not have to do without healthy, delicious and versatile meals. Aramark offers its guests and everyone else who works in the home office practical alternatives with the "Favourite dishes in a jar" and the "Aramark menu boxes", which they can order directly to their home via the webshop.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, more people are working in home offices than ever before. This has been accompanied by a growing need for appealing meals for lunch breaks inthe comfort of one's own home. Aramark offers freshly prepared and ready-to-serve "favorite dishes in a jar" and "ready-to-cook menus" through its online shopping platform, Tasty Ideas, for those who want to continue enjoying healthy and varied meals. "We expect the home office trend to continue post-pandemic, many workers really appreciate it when the business offers flexible models. That's why we are steadily expanding our range of online-orderable dishes and menus of artisanal quality," says Ulrike Mößner, ecotrophologist at Aramark.

Quick and easy dishes for the lunch break

Customers can order the freshly prepared and jarred dishes via the webshop, which are delivered directly to their doorstep with nationwide shipping. The varied assortment of "Lieblingsgerichte im Glas" ranges from vegetarian and vegan dishes to hearty soul food and is free of any additives. Customers can choose from a range of six dishes, including a chickpea curry, lentil stew and beef goulash. This gives them a fuss-free, filling and healthy meal that can be easily reheated and enjoyed between digital meetings. The offer is not only reserved for employees whose company works with Aramark, but is freely available to everyone. Aramark is also promoting the "favourite glasses" on social media for the first time with a promotional clip.

Online food offer for the home office

Also available via the webshop are the Aramark menu boxes. The individual components, for example vegetables or sauce, have been gently pre-cooked, vacuumed and then sent chilled. With just a few simple steps and a minimum of time, a high quality culinary menu is brought to the table, which is in no way inferior to what is offered in the company restaurant. The basic recipes are always vegetarian, such as the Thai vegetable curry, and can be expanded as needed with other components such as poultry or fish, because we also want to offer a special taste experience for all eventualities in the home office. There are also boxes on special themes, for example for virtual meetings, but also for occasions such as Easter or Christmas.