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Premiere for Rosehill Foodpark

The new Rosehill Foodpark on the A1 in Austria
The new Rosehill Foodpark on the A1 in Austria

The gastronomy expert TQSR Group presents its future project for Austria's motorways. A fast-casual multi-brand restaurant has been created at the former Rosenberger location on the A1 in Haag.

Five gastronomy brands are to stand for diversity, innovation and modernity. They include Burger King, Rosenberger, Coffeeshop Company, Fast'and'Fresh and Presto. The concept of the Rosehill Foodpark is based on the fast-casual dining approach.

This means that fresh, high-quality products from full-service restaurants are combined with the speed aspect of quick-service system restaurants. A large number of the dishes are freshly prepared in front of the guests.

TQSR says it wants to fight overpriced highway prices with the new concept. "The trigger for the development of the Rosehill Foodpark was the realisation that the existing range of gastronomy on Austria's motorways had already been out of date for years.

Structurally, the domestic rest stops are in a partly dilapidated state. Above all, however, the quality of the food, overpriced prices, long preparation times and the condition of the toilets no longer meet the demands of a modern, increasingly fast-paced society," says Hartmut Graf, CEO of the TQSR Group.

In addition to the relaunched food court at Rosehill Foodpark, TQSR has debuted a specially created sanitary concept called The LOO. More Rosehill Foodparks are set to open at existing Rosenberger rest stops across Austria as early as next year.

Like much of the restaurant industry, Rosenberger has suffered from Covid restrictions, TQSR reports. A sharp drop in travel, due in part to closed state borders, has led to a massive reduction in patrons. With the help of short-time work and other state aid, TQSR finally managed to continue operations and at the same time initiate the transformation phase towards the new Rosehill concept.