Avocado Show | The Netherlands

Premiere for shopping mall model

In March, the Avocado Show launches a new format designed for shopping mall locations. The number 1 will be found in Westfield Mall of The Netherlands.
Avocado Show
In March, the Avocado Show launches a new format designed for shopping mall locations. The number 1 will be found in Westfield Mall of The Netherlands.

Julien Zaal and Ron Simpson, founders of the popular restaurant The Avocado Show, will open a brand new format of their fast growing chain Saturday, March 12. Centrally located between Den Haag and Leiden, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is the first dutch adress of The Avocado Show outside of Amsterdam.

Designed together with their preferred creative partners Aces of Space, this new variation of The Avocado Show brand has the look and feel of a colorful patio, with 80 seats and a surface of 190 sqm. Guests can be seated in natural light and will be surrounded by the characteristic setting of The Avocado Show with lots of green-pink accents. The perfect setting to enjoy original avocado dishes in a signature style, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Including their world famous poke bowl, stacked pancakes, avocado smashed burgers and cocktails, that even use the pits as ice cubes.

“Bringing something new in every format”

Julien Zaal, co-founder and CEO of The Avocado Show: “Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is a unique location for a flagship restaurant and a brilliant start for our new shopping mall model. We see many chances and potential for growth right now, in locations where restaurants are integrated between retail or other hospitality outlets. Our ambition is to lead in this development. We see it as very important for our international roll-out to keep bringing something new in every format. Innovation and expansion will of course attract more fans of our brand, so we really look forward to setting foot outside of the Amsterdam area.

International mall culture

Co-founder Ron Simpson: “In the future we would love to branch out all over the world with The Avocado Show. But in markets like the US, Asia and the Middle East you will find that the malls are a big part of their hospitality culture. To be able to participate in the global game and grow further, we chose to expand our concept into multiple formats that enable us to fit into any country and culture. New in our mall restaurant format are the neon accents and the open floor plan, executed especially to create an inviting and accessible atmosphere. This way, the exterior and interior come together and blend as a whole.”

Worldwide phenomenon

Following up the original restaurant concept and the To Go variant, this new mall format of The Avocado Show is the third model to come out in the five year existence of the company. The brand is a worldwide phenomenon, known for its Pretty Healthy Food: beautiful and tasty dishes, made with sustainably grown avocados. New outlets were opened in London and Madrid last year, a second location will be opened in Brussels this month and Paris and Stuttgart are scheduled for later in the year. Bringing a new wave of openings that add to the 21 freshly signed franchise locations that will follow in the next few years.