Galeries Lafayette delivers fusion cuisine

The Mocci Smart Pedal Vehicle (SPV) in use for Galeries Lafayette in Berlin-Mitte
The Mocci Smart Pedal Vehicle (SPV) in use for Galeries Lafayette in Berlin-Mitte

Greek-French gourmet food is being brought to the streets of the capital by a delivery pilot with Munich-based mobility company Mocci.

Known from the Paris flagship Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, the Michelin-starred kitchen led by Andreas Mavrommátis is also present in Berlin with its Greek-French specialties. With the delivery of the fusion gastronomy of Mavrommátis, the house in Berlin-Mitte wants to focus on the constant expansion of its offer. It now offers its customers fresh dishes to-deliver in addition to the previous gift box deliveries.

Larger radius for the brand

Friedrichstraße is currently designed as a bicycle street and, according to the company, thus offers the ideal starting point for helping to shape new mobility concepts. The advantages of having its own fleet solution are obvious: control over the quality of goods and services, and therefore delivery to consistently high standards of service. Brand messages and branding are also brought to the streets of Berlin outside the company's own business.

During the pilot project with Mocci's delivery fleet, the Mediterranean gourmet boxes in the Berlin-Mitte delivery area sold out in no time. The order management ran through the channels of Galeries Lafayette and the gourmet section of the department store. This was advertised in a newsletter and in online advertising. Delivery was handled by the team at Mocci. The Munich-based company is developing a new class of vehicles for commercial use: Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV), explains Nico Mischke, Head of Marketing Mocci. According to the company, the sustainable fleet product solution is based on an intelligent hardware and software platform. Mischke emphasizes: "Thanks to real-time monitoring and early problem detection of our hardware, delivery becomes much more reliable.

Extension and expansion

Friedrichstraße, as a pedestrian street in Berlin, has enormous potential for fast delivery in the city. Mischke on FOOD SERVICE on the lessons learned so far: "In order to expand the service and to guarantee the high demands of customers for quality and punctuality, a fleet of vehicles can be very helpful. At the same time, we have been able to gather important insights into our box systems. In the future, we want to offer smart boxes that can do more than just automatic locking: Cooling or heating. In addition, we realized that our trailer can also provide value for other department store deliveries."

Further talks to expand services are already underway. Ulrike Möslinger, Directrice Gourmet Galeries Lafayette, says: "We would like to constantly expand our range of services. With Mocci we see a potential that we can also deliver the benefits of our international specialities to our customers' homes - this enhances the shopping experience when things have to be done quickly. A cooperation with other shops on Friedrichstraße is also conceivable."

About Mocci / Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV)
The pedals of the Mocci Smart Pedal Vehicle (SPV) drive a generator that produces the energy for the electric motor in the rear wheel - without chain or belt. Additional support is provided by the replaceable battery. Instead of steel or aluminum frames, Mocci relies on recyclable high-performance plastic.