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Edmondo gets going

The French Big Mamma Group is expanding in Germany, opening Edmondo (Hamburg), its third restaurant in Germany.
Jerome Galland
The French Big Mamma Group is expanding in Germany, opening Edmondo (Hamburg), its third restaurant in Germany.

The French Big Mamma Group is expanding in Germany. The group just opened its third restaurant in Germany in Hamburg. In 2022, the gastro group was awarded the Hamburg Foodservice Prize International.

The anticipation was great, now it's time to go: The new trattoria bears the name Edmondo and has just opened in the prestigious building "Die Bank" in Hamburg. With its five-meter-high ceilings of the 19th-century bank building and more than 2,400 bottles of spirits on the walls, the trattoria has room for 230 guests - and the Venetian terrace offers another 50 seats. Behind the concept is the French Big Mamma Group, which calls itself Big Squadra in Germany for reasons of trademark rights.

Head chef is 27-year-old Edoardo Bernini from Florence. He leads a team of 35 chefs in total. Bernini gained experience in gastronomic restaurants such as the 1-star Michelin L'Ora d'Aria in Florence and the Café Murano Group in London.

Tradition of the gastronomic group: each menu is individually and newly created by its respective chef. On the menu in Hamburg: oysters, lobster risotto, grill specialties and Neapolitan pizza with seasonal highlights such as truffles and caviar.

In-house design

The look comes from in-house design team Studio Kiki. For Hamburg, they said they were inspired by 1930s modernism and design theory. "With a lot of love, this great location, which was still a real bank in 1897, has now been redesigned - but without losing the original charm of the place," Big Squadra explains.

Launched in Paris in 2015

Now with more than 20 restaurants in France, Germany, England and Spain, Big Mamma Group, launched in Paris in 2015, aims to delight European audiences. The recipe for success of the two founders Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux: best quality at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Added to this is an unforgettable ambience - reimagined at each location, always inspired by other Italian places and eras. A predominantly Italian team stands for the corresponding joie de vivre and an authentic flair.
The French Big Mamma Group was awarded the 2022 Hamburg Foodservice Prize (International category). At the 38th edition of the award ceremony, which traditionally takes place on the first evening of the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg, the gastro-entrepreneurs from Paris were honored for their innovative approach. According to the laudatory speech, "The Big Mamma Group has successfully succeeded in making honest and healthy cuisine suitable for the masses, while setting ecological and sustainable standards. The sponsor of the award is the dfv Mediengruppe, which publishes foodservice, ahgz and gvpraxis, among others. This year's winners are eagerly awaited and will again be announced on the opening evening of Internorga in Hamburg.