Big Mamma | Germany

Kick-off in Munich

The design of the 18th Big Mamma restaurant, the first in Germany, is inspired by the fashion metropolis of Milan. The mirrored ceilings multiply the floral motifs of the walls, carpet and seating in Giorgia Trattoria in Munich.
Jérôme Galland
The design of the 18th Big Mamma restaurant, the first in Germany, is inspired by the fashion metropolis of Milan. The mirrored ceilings multiply the floral motifs of the walls, carpet and seating in Giorgia Trattoria in Munich.

Giorgia Trattoria is the first Big Mamma Group restaurant in Germany, located in Munich's Haidhausen district. The latest addition to the Paris-based brand, which now has 18 locations, is also clearly recognizable as a family member: Opulent and colorful design, a multicultural, enthusiastic team and a menu composed of the popular classics of Italian cuisine. Just a few weeks ago, the Big Mamma Group was awarded the Hamburg Foodservice Preis for its innovative concept. 

Big Mamma has arrived in Germany - and its reputation has already preceded the brand. "News of the opening spread quickly," reports Adrian Storp, the managing director who came on board for Germany. Even before the official opening party in the middle of last week, he says, the tables at the new restaurant on Weißenburger Straße had already filled up, and demand had multiplied abruptly. About 300 guests - influencers, press, family & friends - were invited to experience spirit and culinary with which the brand also wants to win fans in Germany.

The group already sets standards in terms of Italian culinary in France (8x Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseilles), London (4) and Madrid (2) with its claim to offer the best homemade dishes with outstanding products sourced in Italy. Pasta and ice cream are made fresh daily in their own kitchen; microwave and frozen goods are taboo. Each location has its own menu, which is regularly updated. Not least to keep the motivation and enthusiasm of its own team high, as Big Mamma founder Victor Lugger explains.

The importance of the team can also be felt on the opening evening in Munich. The team, which at the new location is made up of well-established Big Mamma employees from other restaurants and Italian-born newcomers from Munich, visibly enjoys the concept and the interaction with the guests. For the founders Tigrane Seydoux and Victor Lugger, this has been an important element of success for the Big Mamma philosophy from the very beginning: the team language and spirit should be Italian, there should be opportunities for advancement for everyone, and identification with the brand should be 100 percent.

At first glance, the DNA of the lovingly created Big Mamma brand is also recognizable in the look of Munich's Giorgia Trattoria. Although each location has a completely new design - based on various models from Italy (Capri to Sicily), the signature of the in-house design studio Kiki can still be clearly read: Colorful, opulent, floral and overloaded with retro kitsch elements, the latest restaurant in Munich also presents itself. The style template for Munich? "A perfect day in the vibrant fashion metropolis of 1980s Milan. " Large, garishly colored flowers adorn walls, seating, curtains and even the carpeting. A recurring motif at Trattoria Giorgio is the dog, which appears on mirrors and paintings. Meanwhile, a classic in the Big Mamma Group's design portfolio is the huge mirrored bottle display also installed in Munich.

The open kitchen allows Italy-savvy guests in Munich an unobstructed view of the preparation of Neapolitan pizza, antipasti - including burrata from Puglia - various pasta options from spaghetti alle cozze to the "famous truffle pasta," and as befits Big Mamma: a wide selection of dolci. Primi, secondi piatti and pizzas range in price from 11 to 26 euros (grilled dorado), putting them on a similar level to established locations in Paris, London or Madrid. The pricing policy is also an essential part of the company's philosophy: "We want to be affordable for every guest," says Victor Lugger. A goal that can only be achieved through scaling, as is clear from the outset, driving both the size of the restaurants and the pace of growth of the group.

Giorgia Trattoria is probably the smallest restaurant in the network, along with the latest London unit Napoli Gang, a pure pizza place. With a terrace, the Munich location has just 200 seats. But after all, it's just the first step on the German market. More Big Mamma restaurants are to open in Germany this year. Which metropolis will be the first is still rumored. According to rumours, it could be either Berlin or Hamburg.