Big Mamma Group | Germany launch

Premiere in early summer

Big Mamma founders Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux put their long-held plan into action, opening their first restaurant in Germany in early summer: Giorgia Trattoria.
Big Mamma
Big Mamma founders Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux put their long-held plan into action, opening their first restaurant in Germany in early summer: Giorgia Trattoria.

Long awaited by industry insiders: The German launch of the Big Mamma Group. In Munich, the successful gastro entrepreneurs from France want to open their first trattoria with a German address. The name has already been chosen: Giorgia Trattoria. Like each of the group's 17 locations, the Munich restaurant will have its own unique look. The common denominator: authentic Italian cuisine and plenty of joie de vivre.

Ten restaurants per year in the next five years - this ambitious target announced Jack de Wet, Chief Development Officer of the Big Mamma Group, at the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator European Summit. To achieve this, he said, the company will go through a restructuring process, the goal of which is for all employees, from dishwashers to operations managers, to hold shares. "We want everyone to be on board and informed about plans the company has," de Wet said. Currently, the company operates 17 restaurants in London, France and Madrid.

"We are very excited to open Giorgia in beautiful Munich and bring the warmth as well as generosity of small, Italian trattorias to arguably the northernmost city in Italy. My grandmother is originally from Germany and I have always dreamed of opening a restaurant here," comments Big Mamma founder Victor Lugger.

Lugger and co-founder Tigrane Seydoux laid the foundation for their joint venture in 2013, when they traveled all over Italy together for several months to find the best products. The result is a network of now 150 long-standing partners.
They finally opened their first restaurant in Paris in 2015. East Mamma was followed by six more restaurants, as well as a bar and the food market La Felicità, the group's largest unit at 4,500 square meters, in the French capital. The group also has one restaurant each in Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille. In 2019, Big Mamma launched in London, where three locations now delight food-loving capitals. Madrid joined the ranks in 2020 with two trattorias.

In Munich, too, the two young entrepreneurs want to fulfill their ambition, according to which they operate successfully elsewhere: "Giorgia is to bring the warmth and conviviality of traditional Italian trattorias to Germany. With 100% homemade, authentic Italian cuisine, using ingredients from small suppliers in Italy or the region, a passionate, motivated squadra and - like every restaurant in the Big Mamma Group - a unique design created by the in-house studio KIKI. All this forms the basis for the main goal: to give every guest who enters our restaurants the best time of their day."

"All the products we use come directly from Italy or from small, regional producers - from suppliers we know and love. Like Emmanuele Cammarotta for the creamiest stracciatella from Puglia, or Carmine Marrazzo and his family for juicy San Marzano tomatoes, which we will use for our Neapolitan pizza, " explains Adrian Storp, CEO of Giorgia, who came on board for Germany. "In Munich, Giorgia will partnerwith local producers, such as Herbert Waldinger, for delicious meats, or Käserei Tegernsee, for fresh dairy products."

In addition, Storp revealed, "Our restaurant will have a memorable and wonderfully colorful design, with some recognizable references to the nearby fashion capital of Milan and a visibly great love for our furry friends, the dogs. It will be a unique, grand yet atypical Italian restaurant."

About Big Mamma
An impressive team of 1,500 passionate people runs 16 restaurants - and the renowned food market La Felicità - in France, London and Madrid. Since its first opening in 2013, Big Mamma Group points to the following winning formula: homemade, high-quality food at fair prices, served by the Italian team with a beaming smile, and in a uniquely designed venue. Behind the lively design of the trattorias is the in-house creative studio KIKI, which aims to transport guests to Italy as they feel. The group places great emphasis on engaging in sustainable as well as responsible ways, working with partners who share the same values. Since 2018, Big Mamma carries the B-CORP certification.