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Uber considers Deliveroo buy / Veganisms uplift / How to deal with labour problems

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This edition of our weekly newsletter as usual covers noteworthy and curious news from the international hospitality business, must-knows to speed up your business. Find out what we discovered about Dunkin' Donuts changing its name, Uber considering swallowing Deliveroo, and the impact of veganism on the restaurant industry. Meanwhile, Amazon launches a microwave oven which will tell the data giant when and what consumers eat.

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Uber considers a Deliveroo buy to expand its European reach
Uber Technologies Inc. is in early talks to buy food-delivery company Deliveroo for several billion dollars, according to people familiar with the plans. (Approx. reading time: 1 min.) 

5 statistics that show McDonald's dominance
McDonald's once again was the largest restaurant chain in the USA in 2017, according to the Technomic's Top 500 Chain Restaurants Report. Despite its shrinking unit count in the past couple of years, including a 0.8% decline last year, it maintained its overall dominance. With its combination of high average unit volume and more than 14,000 locations, McDonald's is still by far the most popular restaurant chain in the USA. (Approx. reading time: 2 min/Slideshow)

The name is Dunkin’, just Dunkin’
If customers aren’t on a first name basis with Dunkin’ Donuts by now, the Canton, Mass-company hopes they will be soon. Dunkin’, which has been promoting its abbreviated name over the past year, unveiled its new branding at their global franchisee convention. The change will officially take place in January 2019, according to a news release by the company. (Approx. reading time: 1 min) 

Weekly Research Bite
If you want to reach mature consumers, do you know which beverages they prefer in commercial restaurants (QSR, FSR, Leisure)? Do you need an extensive mineral water offer? Or do they prefer healthy options like juices? The consumer panel CREST shows that beer, hot coffee and hot tea are over-indexing the most. So compared to other age groups, they are chosen more often. Interesting to know that this appears across all of the Big5 European countries (GB, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), so local or cultural differences are less visible here.

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Zero tolerance: How alcohol-free spirits are shaking up the market
The market for zero-proof spirits is booming, meaning it’s never been easier to serve sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. (Approx. reading time: 5 min.)

Plant-based foods offer meaty alternative to diners
New research from Nielsen indicates plant-based food sales have risen 20% over the last year and is continuing to grow. Why? Because consumers, especially millennials, want more healthful foods that leave less of an environmental impact. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

They said veganism wouldn’t catch on… they were wrong
They said it would eventually become a big part of our lives, although, for whatever reason, many didn’t believe it. But the fact is free-form food and drink, especially vegan and vegetarian, has ballooned in recent years, and the past 12 months has shown a considerable uplift. (Approx. reading time: 4 min.)


How restaurants are dealing with their labour problems
In this episode of the podcast "A Deeper Dive," Pincho Factory CEO Jayson Tipp and RB Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo talk about labour challenges. (1 hour podcast) 

Darden CEO: Restaurants face a 'war for talent'
Finding, hiring, training and retaining restaurant workers are growing into the restaurant industry’s biggest growth hurdles, according to the CEO of casual-dining behemoth Darden Restaurants Inc.(Approx. reading time: 4 min.) 

"You're amazing!" How to win this rare praise from your staff
Gallup has been reporting for nearly 20 years that employees rarely hear the words “thank you” from their supervisors. Similarly, CEOs rarely hear the words “you’re amazing …” from the people who work for them either. If you are a leader, you know this already - appreciation is in short supply. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.) 

Quality by Respect is best meat quality and animal welfare.
Health as a basis for quality.  The nature-oriented approach needs space, but with notably less technical applications. Animal welfare doesn’t have to be expensive. The pigs live on straw bedding, have access to shaded open spaces and of course the best climate, instead of ammonia and Co²-loaded air in the stalls.
The consumer will love you for it!

By the way …

Amazon’s small $60 microwave could actually be a big deal

Amazon announced its own brand of microwave with Alexa voice control built right in. The AmazonBasics Microwave will cost a measly $60 and shows how the company will use voice to better understand customers (and sell to them), as well as stave off smart assistant competitors from encroaching on the kitchen. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)