Burger King | Austria

First vegan unit for Vienna

In the subway station at Vienna's Westbahnhof, Whopper and Co. have been available exclusively as vegan offerings since July 19, 2022.
TQSR Group
In the subway station at Vienna's Westbahnhof, Whopper and Co. have been available exclusively as vegan offerings since July 19, 2022.

Burger King has opened Austria's first entirely vegan restaurant in Vienna. The store is located in Vienna's Westbahnhof station. For the vegan Austrian premiere, the restaurant ventures an innovation that is already intended to convey responsible enjoyment at first glance: Burger King is leaving its familiar red and yellow color scheme and presenting itself in green throughout.

"Serving the same high Burger King quality based on 100 percent vegan products is a milestone in the development of our meat-free offering for people with a conscious lifestyle. Enjoyment instead of renunciation is at the forefront of this groundbreaking innovation, with which we are opening up our offering to vegans in its entirety," comments Jan-Christoph Küster, Chief Marketing Officer of TQSR Group, the brand's Austrian master franchisee.

Cooperation with The Vegetarian Butcher

In the newly opened restaurant, Burger King serves the same products as at all other locations - just 100 percent vegan. Only plant-based beef and chicken patties from The Vegetarian Butcher go into the buns. The company has been developing alternatives to meat dishes since 2010.

"We are proud to have such a renowned partner at our side with Burger King and thus also manifest the strong position with The Vegetarian Butcher on the market," says Rebecca Widerin, who manages the out-of-home business in Austria. 

Strong signal

"The opening of the first purely vegan Burger King restaurant is a strong signal. The pioneering step of the restaurant chain makes the enjoyment of purely plant-based products a matter of course on a daily basis," Felix Hnat, chairman of the Vegan Society Austria (awarding body of the V-Label quality seal), is convinced.

The opening of Burger King's first vegan restaurant has also met with a positive response from the animal protection organization PETA. It sees it as an important impetus to create a new nutritional awareness among the population and to trigger a change in consumer behavior through the charisma of the Burger King brand with its 15,000 restaurants worldwide.

"As a pioneer, Burger King inspires people with its broad vegan offering to discover purely plant-based enjoyment for themselves and to reach for the vegan alternative more often. Because there's a highlight here for every palate and every taste, which is good for all of us," says Tobias Schalyo, Manager Corporate Responsibility at PETA Germany.
About TQSR Group:
The TQSR Group is a company of the THEOPHIL Group, which is owned by the family of the Viennese business lawyer Dieter Spranz, and is the central holding company of the group for the business area with focus on gastronomy. Since 2015, TQSR Group has been the master franchisee for the Burger King system in Austria and thus responsible for all Burger King national activities. These responsibilities include marketing and PR, development, supply management, monitoring, training and billing. Following the acquisition of Rosenberger in spring 2019 and Coffeeshop Company in February 2021, the TQSR Group employs an annual average of around 1,000 people in Austria. In this context, the group of companies operates 28 Burger King restaurants of its own, twelve Rosenberger service areas, two Coffeeshop Company locations, two Rosehill food parks, and 24/7 Shop N' Go, an innovative retail vending system. The progressive, Austria-wide expansion of the Burger King, Coffeeshop Company, and Rosehill Foodpark brands is planned for 2022.