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Decade of change starts

The completely revamped Burger King brand identity pays homage to the pre-1999 era.
Burger King
The completely revamped Burger King brand identity pays homage to the pre-1999 era.

Burger King has proclaimed a decade of change starting in 2021: a new brand identity, the elimination of additives, and the expansion of plant-based alternatives as well as delivery.

For the first time since 1999, Burger King has revised its entire brand identity: The new look is meant to impress with a simple design language displaying bold, strong colors. The fast food chain is aiming at more emphasis on the authentic dining experience and fresh ingredients at the core of its brand identity. The focus of the redesigned logo is on the red brand lettering between two burger buns paying homage to the logo used before 1999 and thus connecting the brand's tradition to the present.

In the months and years to come, the brand identity will be rolled out to all restaurants worldwide - from packaging to uniforms to restaurant signage, all design elements will then appear in the new look.

New features will also be introduced in the food offering: All Burger King meals in Germany shall be free of preservatives and flavor enhancers as well as artificial flavors. At the same time, Burger King is expanding its own tradition of preparing onions and tomatoes fresh every day in its restaurants. Also, the company is developing its gourmet King's Selection segment further, launched in October 2020, and will regularly offer new gourmet burgers.

Plant-based on the rise

In addition, the world's second-largest burger chain wants to offer more meat-free alternatives extending its product range on that side. Since 2019, Burger King has already been offering the Whopper with a plant-based patty from the manufacturer "The Vegetarian Butcher", giving it the original flame-grilled taste. In 2020, Burger King also became the first quick service restaurant in Germany to introduce plant-based nuggets nationwide.
„With our completely revamped brand identity and the new logo, we now carry our image of quality and authenticity to the outside world crearly visible to everyone.“
Cornelius Everke, CEO Burger King Deutschland GmbH
As to pushing ahead digitalization, Burger King is focusing primarily on apps and ordering terminals in the restaurants to make it easier for guests to put together their own burgers and menus.

Another focus in 2021 will be to expand its delivery offering, for which the company is increasingly working with major digital food delivery platforms at the same time enhancing its own delivery service.

"The 2020s will be a decade of change for Burger King," said Cornelius Everke, managing director of Burger King Deutschland GmbH. "In recent years, we have started to expand our gourmet offering as well as our plant-based range. This year, we are continuing this process of change towards even more quality and thoroughly authentic food," explains Everke.