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Shoe brand launches Café Camaleon

In addition to the hotel, the shoe brand Camper opens Cafe Camaleon in Berlin.
Daria Scagliola
In addition to the hotel, the shoe brand Camper opens Cafe Camaleon in Berlin.

The hotel is now joined by a café: the Mallorcan shoe brand Camper, which operates two hotels in Berlin and Barcelona, has now opened a "Camaleon" eatery in the German capital as well.

The name comes from Camper's first shoe model, whose model was the rugged shoes of Mallorcan farmers. The café, which becomes a restaurant in the evening, serves breakfast and seasonal dishes with the strong flavors of the Mediterranean and ingredients from Italy, France, Turkey, Greece and Spain.

Located on the first floor of Casa Camper Berlin in Berlin-Mitte, Camaleon is accessible from both the street and the hotel. The space, which can be divided into three different areas , was designed by three architectural firms: the Dutch firm MVRDV, the Mallorcan firm GRAS Arquitectos and the Berlin architect Laura Rave.

The element that connects Casa Camper to the restaurant is the 18m counter with a color gradient that ranges from the typical Camper red in the lobby to neutral white in the showcase area to warm brown.

The glass facade extends over 12m and can be opened. The concrete floor tiles with inclusions of red, translucent and brown recycled glass were made in traditional processes in Mallorca.

"As night falls, the restaurant breathes the true Berlin atmosphere as uniformed waiters serve exquisite dishes, selected Mediterranean wines and artfully mixed cocktails to atmospheric music," the company says. The appearance of the café is positive, idiosyncratic and versatile. It was designed by Berlin-based Studio Yukiko.

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