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The classic coffee bar is out. Instead, attractive all-day concepts with high-quality food offers for increasingly flexible target groups are in demand. Corona is accelerating these trends in record time, as the exclusive gv-praxis market analysis of the top coffee bar providers in community catering shows. These were able to expand further in 2019.

The top 17 coffee bar operators in Germany opened a proud 179 new locations (+14%) - of which, however, 129 self-service stations are attributable to the Danish facility services provider ISS with its Nitro brand. The company was able to acquire several new customers, they say. The Compass Group remains the undisputed leader, followed by Aramark in second place. Both contract caterers had a good run last year, with over ten new openings each. Only the success story of Chicco di Caffè seems to have come to an end. After many years of expansion, the Munich-based company is reporting location losses for the first time. However, with 163 units they remain the coffee shop chain with the most bars in full-service operation - ahead of Aramark (141), Sodexo (99) and the Compass Group (80).

As of the end of 2019, a total of 1,462 coffee shops in companies, clinics and universities across Germany invite you to linger. Coffee cult and no end, it seems. But cappuccino, latte macchiato and espresso are no longer enough to attract visitors. Guests' expectations have changed radically over the past two years, partly as a result of the mega-trend New Work.

Trendy food offerings are becoming a must-have. Anyone who fails on this race track or lacks expertise loses sales. Once again, the corona pandemic acts as a trend accelerator. Flexible working hours and models require flexible catering solutions around the clock from the 17 coffee bar operators throughout Germany, which the classic company restaurant cannot offer at present. But this is only one trend that is clearly visible in the ranking.

Coffee Bar Ranking / Community Catering 2019

Quelle: gv-praxis 09/2020
R.(R.)OperatorUnits 2019*Expansion (net)
11Compass Group (Caffè Dallucci)38014
22Aramark (Segafredo)26017
34ISS (Nitro)246125
43Chicco di Caffè171-3
55Sodexo Cafeterias103-2

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The current issue of gv-praxis also takes a look at the market in times of corona. The pandemic has hit the players hard.