Column Dr. Steffen Schwarz

Tips for additional business in winter

Dr. Steffen Schwarz, Coffee Consulate
Luca Siermann
Dr. Steffen Schwarz, Coffee Consulate

Now, in winter, a café operator must find solutions on how to serve his guests faster or how to create conscious, short moments of enjoyment. Those who come indoors at all don't want to stay long anyway. In times after the lockdown, bar tables could therefore replace seating in the café, because the motto is: Those who stand, drink faster. The "chair turnover" increases and so does the turnover.

With a "roll counter" the coffee bar can be brought outside. This way, guests can be served quickly and in the fresh air and the take-away business is boosted. As frequencies generally decline, especially due to increasing home office solutions, every potential guest is thus addressed.

Perhaps an office service might also be an option. Of course, delivery is difficult with coffee, so the radius should be limited to 100 to 200 meters. This way, delivery can be made on foot and the cappuccino stays in the cup and doesn't spill out.

Additional business can also be achieved with bundle offers. If you offer coffee-to-go outside with your mobile counter in an office area, for example, you can offer a discount if a guest would also like to bring hot drinks to his colleagues: four cappuccinos to go at a special price including equipment for transport.

The baked goods should be put to the test. The caterer should first consider which highlights he offers. If it's the croissants, they can go over the counter directly and warm and at a bundle price. The focus should also not only be on occupied goods. For example, bagels can be offered in a 20-pack, which the guest can then freeze at home.

There is a lot of potential. Is the dusty bean shelf in the back corner really attractive? Couldn't coffee beans for home use also be brought to the guest with a clever presentation of goods? Do your employees even ask if they can have a packet of beans for home?