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Oktoberfest 2021 is standing on the tilt

The Theresienwiese in September 2020. It could be empty here again this year.
IMAGO / Michael Westermann
The Theresienwiese in September 2020. It could be empty here again this year.

Munich's mayor Dieter Reiter is skeptical about this year's Wiesn. A conversation with Prime Minister Markus Söder should bring clarification.

This year's Munich Oktoberfest is facing cancellation. The Bild-Zeitung quotes Munich's mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD). Last year, when the Wiesn was cancelled due to Corona, he had firmly assumed that the Oktoberfest would take place in 2021. Now, however, the hope is "weakening from week to week".

"As of today, the Oktoberfest could not take place according to the current regulations," Reiter told Bild newspaper, especially since it is "the world's largest folk festival." Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) had also expressed skepticism in the past. Reiter now wants to discuss the further procedure with Söder. A decision for all large folk festivals in the Free State would make sense.

The Oktoberfest, with 6.3 million visitors at last count, represents an immense economic factor, as figures from 2018 show: around 442 million euros were earned in the marquees and with the rides at that time. Around 500 million euros were spent on overnight stays. The festival brought in around 160 million euros for the retail trade. In addition, the Oktoberfest is a huge image factor. "Due to its worldwide fame, the Oktoberfest is a tourist magnet and export article par excellence," the city of Munich announced in a press release.

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