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Gastronomy: More at the table!

From 6 June, Swiss gastronomy can also look forward to further relaxation, according to the Federal Council's decision of 27 May 2020.
Imago Images / Geisser
From 6 June, Swiss gastronomy can also look forward to further relaxation, according to the Federal Council's decision of 27 May 2020.

The catering industry will also benefit: throughout Switzerland, from 6 June, the requirements that apply in connection with the corona crisis will be largely relaxed. On 27 May, the Swiss Federal Council decided that from 6 June, more than four people will once again be allowed to sit at the table in the catering sector.

In recent weeks, the Federal Council had already permitted the opening of shops, restaurants, service providers and schools. Now, from 6 June, all establishments that have been closed so far may open, provided they can present a protection concept.

Gastro sector also benefits

The relaxation comes two days earlier than announced - it also affects the catering industry. In restaurants, for example, more than four people are again allowed to sit at a table, provided that the follow-up of contacts is guaranteed. Condition: Consumption only while seated and closing at midnight. This relaxation rule also applies to discos and nightclubs, but the number of people per evening must be less than 300. In addition, attendance lists must be kept.

Cinemas, zoos, theatres, mountain railways, camping sites, other tourist attractions and swimming pools also benefit from the relaxation. Condition: All facilities and events must have protection concepts. Hygiene and distance rules must continue to be observed, and where distance rules cannot be implemented, the tracking of close personal contacts must be guaranteed, for example with presence lists.

Ban on assembly redefined

On 30 May the five-person rule in public spaces will also be abolished and spontaneous meetings of up to 30 people will then be permitted. Public and private events with up to 300 people will also be permitted again from 6 June: for example, trade fairs, concerts, theatre or film screenings, political and civil society rallies and family reunions.

Events up to 1,000 people perhaps from 24 June

On 24 June 2020, the Federal Council intends to take a decision on events with up to 1,000 people and further relaxation. Major events with more than 1,000 people will remain prohibited until 31 August 2020.

Freedom to travel from 6 July

The Federal Council plans to completely restore the free movement of persons and freedom of travel in the entire Schengen area by 6 July at the latest. As regards Germany, Austria and France, border controls are to be lifted as early as 15 June 2020.