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"Destination Sylt is under threat".

Among the restaurateurs calling for an opening perspective for Sylt is Gosch.
IMAGO / Stefan Zeitz
Among the restaurateurs calling for an opening perspective for Sylt is Gosch.

Prominent restaurateurs, hotel operators, retailers and holiday landlords of the island demand an opening perspective.

The heated discussion about a possible new start of tourism at Easter also occupies the tourism stronghold Sylt With a concrete opening date was not to be expected at the last federal-state talks, but a perspective has hoped for the Sylt tourism and entrepreneurs.

The sobering reality: federal and state governments are arguing about opening scenarios. There are most different opinions and approaches. In catering trade, vacation home letting, hotel trade and retail trade on Sylt future fearprevails. Should the Easter business be cancelled, 32 percent of the businesses feel threatened in their existence, according to a recent survey. More than half of the enterprises explain that in 8 weeks nothing more goes. One third of the jobs in Schleswig-Holstein are acutely threatened. That would correspond statistically to about 48,450 full-time employees. Many employees will suffer severe income losses due to short-time work. Small and medium incomes are particularly affected.

The promised prospect of reopening has so far failed to materialise. Business owners ask: What happened to the economic revitalization strategy, what happened to the phased plans? "It is frustrating that our concepts, proposals, plans and discussion approaches are registered in the political bodies, but then only little attention is paid to them," said the Sylt initiative from prominent restaurateurs, hotel operators, retailers and holiday renters in a statement.

The initiative proposes the following opening plan

for tourism in Schleswig-Holstein:

- Arriving guests only with a negative PCR test or antigen test with appropriate approval.

- Weekly testing of all employees with rapid tests (rapid test for everyone, financed by the federal government).

- Use of a digital tracking app (e.g. luca).

- Increased controls of hygiene measures

With such a safety catalogue, the Sylt Initiative considers tourism in Schleswig-Holstein possible. Their urgent appeal reads: "The economic pressure is growing and we cannot do justice to our responsibility for our employees and their families, because at the moment we can neither show a short-term nor a medium-term perspective. The aid announced is flowing only slowly - for some companies there is no support at all. Faster disbursements are imperative . Consequence of the non-assistance: the destination Sylt is endangered. We demand the policy: Give us a perspective!"

The signatories
Moritz Bals - Appartementvermietung; Martin Bendler - DEHOGA Sylt; Holger Bodendorf - Landhaus Stricker; Sabine and Dirk Erdmann - Hotel Rungholt; Karl Max Hellner - Modehaus Hellner; Robert Jopp - Fährhaus Munkmarsch; Anja and Claas-Erik Johannsen - Benen-Diken-Hof; Johannes King - Sölring Hof; Tom Langmaack - Cafe Wien; Jürgen Gosch + Michael Lorenzen - Gosch Sylt; Jan Nissen-Hünding - Samoa Seepferchen; Alessandro Pape - Sylter Meersalz; Sven Paulsen - Adler-Schiffe; Thomas Raffelhüschen - Bäckerei Raffelhüschen; Marcus Riel - Reinhold Riel Immobilien; Jan-Hendrick Rose - Rose Immobilien; Herbert Seckler - Sansibar ; Christian Siegling - Severin*s Resort & SPA; Marco Winter - Hotel Budersand

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