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Breakfast from the box

Has it all: The breakfast box from Edelsatt is part of a larger strategy.
Has it all: The breakfast box from Edelsatt is part of a larger strategy.

A pleasurable start to the day - that's what guests want, even in Corona times. Resourceful restaurateurs have therefore been offering breakfast boxes for pick-up or as a delivery option for a long time. We show what variety this niche offers.

Edelsatt, Hamburg: Die Wilde

Sunday breakfast with specialties from their own game farm is available from Edelsatt in Hamburg. "Our meat was shot by hunters - including ourselves - in the wild," reports managing director Johann-Philipp Jencquel. In the offer three variants: the wild box, the vegetarian garden box and the wild garden box Deluxe, a mix of both.

The former offers bread, rolls and croissants as well as wild boar ham, wild boar sausage, pepper bites, liver sausage, wild boar sausage and wild boar meat salad. Served with tomato mozzarella, jam, whipped butter and freshly squeezed OJ, priced at 22.90 euros. "We're a small business, and as general managers, we're completely operationally involved," Jencquel said. "Our employees are still on reduced hours, deployed as the workload dictates."

The cost of goods is high, and the boxes are only lucrative when demand is high. " But we see them as an opportunity to promote our products," says Jencquel. "So the profit is largely in convincing our guests to buy our meat. The Edelsatt should become the place to go for game meat in Hamburg." Therefore, the boxes will continue to exist in the future. In addition, a sales mobile is being built for the weekly markets in Hamburg, which should start soon.

One below zero, Berlin: Die Pure

In the first Corona lockdown, the star restaurant Eins unter null has launched an online shop. The "einsunternull für zu hause" concept was well received from the start and the range was quickly expanded, reports maître Ivo Ebert - for example with a gourmet breakfast box with brioches and baguettes including savoury and sweet spreads. There are also two homemade granola varieties: one with fruit and one with dark chocolate.

The gourmet box costs 29 euros, the two granola varieties 27 euros each. The boxes are prepared by six kitchen staff, while four service staff take care of the logistics. Within Berlin, the team delivers itself, while DHL does it throughout Germany. "For some, the box is an introductory product to get to know us, but we also have fans who regularly treat themselves or others with our gourmet breakfast," says Ebert.

The breakfast creations are a great addition to the range, he says, which he would not have included in the range at all without the online shop. Ebert's conclusion: "The shop is now an integral part of our star cuisine. We think that the enjoyment behavior has changed during the Corona period, so that our online offer will be indispensable in the future."

Cotidiano, Munich: The Trendy

A highlight experience during Corona time - that's the goal the Cotidiano restaurant chain set out with when it launched its takeaway breakfast. The boxes come in three varieties: Deluxe, Vegetarian and Vegan.

All contain wholemeal spelt bread, baguette, Bircher muesli, fruit salad, jam, freshly squeezed OJ (0.2 l) and fresh tea mint. In addition, the deluxe version comes with croissants, smoked salmon, chorizo, cooked organic egg, cheese selection, chocolate spread, fruit salad and brownie, while the vegan box contains banana bread, avocado, two kinds of hummus - vegetable sticks, avocado mint dip and breakfast bowl. "Extras can be added on," said Nadja Schmuljevski, senior manager of marketing. The boxes are priced from 25.90 to 37.90 euros.

They can be pre-ordered, but have to be picked up by the guests. Depending on the number of orders, one to three employees take care of the preparation. "It is important for us that the guest also recognizes the signature of Cotidiano at home," says Schmuljevski. The out-of-home breakfast will continue to be offered. "We're just evolving our processes to integrate box prep into restaurant operations."

Johannes King - Söl'ring Hof, Sylt: The freshness of the sea

Holiday and island feeling for home: the breakfast box from Sylt's star chef Johannes King comes with fresh specialities from the sea and regional delicacies. Included are North Sea crabs, Sylt oysters, elder capers, marinated matjes, organic eggs, barrel butter, homemade smoke cream, cocktail sauce, fresh goat cheese, rose spread, crispbread and wholemeal bread. Furthermore, non-alcoholic rose sparkling wine and Frisian tea as well as an indulgence guide.

With his box, he wanted to give people moments of enjoyment within their own four walls during the Corona crisis, according to the star chef. The preparation and shipping of the 149-euro box is done exclusively by refrigerated shipping - and right on time for the weekend (Thursday or Friday). Due to the professional packaging, the breakfast delicacies can also be enjoyed on Sunday.

"The box enjoys a high demand, which sometimes leads to the fact that we are sold out for certain periods", reports Johannes King. Even after the lockdown, he plans to continue offering the breakfast boxes in his online shop. However, he will observe the development of demand and make appropriate adjustments if necessary.

Café Gustav, Stuttgart: The Freshness

"For us, the primary goal was to offer customers a breakfast similar to that served in the pub," says owner Benjamin Martin of Stuttgart's Café Gustav. "Our boxes include a selection from the menu and are only prepared with fresh products." There are three variants for two people each: Original, Vegan and Gustav.

All include freshly squeezed OJ, ginger shots, granola yogurt and jam. The Original and Vegan variants add avocado breads with (vegan) feta, (quinoa) croissants, overnight oats. The Gustav box has rolls, cheese, sausage, tomato feta salad, organic eggs, hummus and fresh fruit up its sleeve. Prices: 32 to 36 euros.

According to Martin, demand is high: "In business terms, it's on a par with a well-run normal business. However, administration and packaging costs are enormous, and in addition, the calculation of goods is much more complicated." But especially at special times like Mother's Day, good sales can be achieved. "Even if demand probably drops, they are a good addition to the on-site offer," says Martin.

Rashcook Table, Frankfurt: The Oriental One

"We try to bring the brunch experience from Rashcook Table home," says owner Rachid Belhabib. "What's special is our Moroccan crossover preparation with different spices and the crazy assortment. Different every time, diverse, themed, vegetarian or vegan depending on your preference."

His brunch box is meant to be shared, "for picnics or as gifts," Belhabib said. Motivated by the crisis, he says, "The takeaway business got us into it, and we wanted to keep offering our delicious breakfast alongside our dinner." The box includes whipped turmeric butter, Moroccan fig jam, soup, omelette roll with merguez, lemon hummus, couscous barberry salad, beetroot salad, fruit salad, yoghurt bowl with Moroccan granola, Khobz - a Moroccan pan bread for toasting, mini croissants, turmeric heart wafers, mint and tea for Moroccan whiskey, freshly squeezed OJ with mint and kids bar. It costs 49 euros for two people.

"The costing is variable and depends on what's available in the market, as we always use regional products." Guests order a day in advance - half an hour on weekends - and pick up the box themselves. Belhabib: "The Brunchbox will definitely continue to exist, it perfectly complements our catering offer.

Plants & Cakes - Take Away Cakery and Juice Bar, Frankfurt: The Vegan One

"Our boxes are 100 percent vegan, gluten-free and we make everything ourselves," say Sibel Bakanhan and Angela Lederer, who have already made it to three branches with Plants & Cakes in Frankfurt. Their Brekkie Box for one person costs €14.90.

Packed inside are: gluten-free Stulle, spreads, Coco-Chia pudding with granola and sour cherries, banana bread with peanut butter and ginger shot. "The Brekkie Box is perfect when you can't decide whether you want a salty or sweet breakfast," Bakanhan said. The Grazing Brunch Box for two to three people costs 55 euros. The contents: gluten-free breads, several spreads, coco chia pudding, banana bread, and cold-pressed juices and ginger shots. On top of that Raw Cakes & Treats, fruit, raw vegetables and flowers.

The breakfast boxes are freshly prepared by employees at a production facility in Bornheim. For now, only pickup is available. "Our boxes will also be available to Corona," the bosses said.

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