Curtice Brothers

Three Great Taste Awards for the extraordinary ketchup

Three awards for Curtice Brothers
Curtice Brothers
Three awards for Curtice Brothers

Curtice Brothers' high-quality organic tomato ketchup, together with two other products from the brand, was awarded the prestigious Great Taste Awards. This is the third time in a row that the ketchup has been awarded.

The other awards were won by the organic tomato ketchup with chilli and the organic mayonnaise from Curtice Brothers. The products were judged by 144 jurors, including food critics, professional chefs, restaurateurs, buyers, retailers, producers and food journalists.

Much praise from the jury

The jury found that Curtice Brothers' organic sauces were "so delicious that they wanted to eat them straight". The Curtice Brothers tomato ketchup is "very well balanced: Fresh tomato taste and colour - scarlet red and vibrant", was the jury's assessment.

The judges also praised the hotter version, organic chili ketchup: "Rich and lively, this ketchup has a deep red color and an aroma of fresh tomatoes with a balanced acidity and sweetness".

The organic mayonnaise, which also received an award, convinced the jury with its "consistency of a good homemade mayonnaise. Balanced spiced with a hearty yet fresh taste, a touch of acidity also prevents it from becoming too rich. Using so few ingredients means that the product has nothing to hide".

Prize as part of product development

"Three Great Taste Awards in one year, and now for the third year in a row, is more than we ever dreamed of," said Mario C. Bauer, co-founder and CEO of Curtice Brothers.

Christoph Callies, responsible for product development, is grateful for the award: "The award is the reward for all the hard work we put into our products. But the Great Taste Award has also become part of our product development process. Although our ketchup has repeatedly convinced the jury over the past three years, this is not the case with some new products. So we took the jury's feedback, worked on the recipes, submitted them again and have now been rewarded. That's the way it should be."

Special price conditions due to Corona

Due to the Corona pandemic and the associated lockdown, this year's winners were determined by a combination of remote assessment and jury meetings, taking into account the distance regulations.