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Gorillas takes over French competitor Frichti

Delivery Hero stake Gorillas acquires French competitor Frichti.
IMAGO / Michael Gstettenbauer
Delivery Hero stake Gorillas acquires French competitor Frichti.

About a month and a half after announcing initial talks, German delivery service Gorillas has acquired French competitor Frichti. Frichti will continue to operate under its existing brand in France and Belgium, the Delivery Hero holding announced. The two sides have agreed not to disclose financial details of the deal.

So far, Gorillas and Frichti have been fighting for customers in Paris, Lille and Bordeaux, among other places. With the takeover, the quick commerce company will now benefit from Frichti's expertise in the production of private label products and ready-to-eat meals - both of which Gorillas does not yet offer itself. With the help of Frichti, Gorillas now wants to look at how to further scale the business, a Gorillas spokesperson said. In addition, the Flink competitor is getting rid of a competitor.

Frichti was founded in Paris in 2015 and initially focused on ready-to-eat meal delivery. The company has more than 450,000 customers, according to the release. Contrary to many competitors in the quick commerce industry, where bike couriers deliver products to customers within minutes, Frichti's warehouses operate profitably, according to the company.