Wolt now also delivers in Cologne

Now also in Cologne: the Finnish delivery provider Wolt
Now also in Cologne: the Finnish delivery provider Wolt

Finnish delivery service Wolt has been available in Cologne since June 16. The Lieferando competitor is now active in five German cities.

To begin with, Wolt is working with a selection of restaurants in Cologne, including well-known addresses such as Neni, Die Fette Kuh and Ma'Loa. The delivery area initially covers the city center to Neuehrenfeld, from Neustadt Süd to Agnesviertel. But an expansion into other districts is already planned and will take place soon.

"Our service will provide Cologne residents with a new offer and easy and fast access to excellent restaurants," says Fabio Adlassnigg, press spokesman for Wolt in Germany. Customers can order the food via the Wolt app and either pick it up themselves or have it delivered by Wolt couriers.

After entering the German market and launching in Berlin in August 2020, Wolt will also be available in Munich, Hanover and Frankfurt am Main, in addition to Cologne. "We are currently about five to six months ahead of our plan. If we look at Germany, we've had impressive, rapid growth. We are currently still achieving growth figures that we had actually expected later in the year," Adlassnigg FOOD SERVICE lets us know upon request.

In Germany, the expansion of Wolt locations is in full swing and more cities are to be added soon, it said. According to Adlassnigg, the next destination will be Düsseldorf. According to Adlassnigg, the company's expansion course is also reflected in its global development: the company is currently represented in more than 180 cities in 24 countries.

Wolt not only delivers food. Adlassnigg explains: "Wolt is also set to become the 'app for everything' in Germany in the near future. In Helsinki, it is already possible to order everything from shoes to groceries and have it delivered within 35 minutes by Wolt courier:inside." In Berlin, besides the classic delivery of food, flowers, wine or chocolates are currently integrated on the platform, which are then delivered by Wolt-Kurier. The next few weeks, more and more product categories will follow.