Sustainability drives the out-of-home market

In Denmark, organic food accounts for a 41 percent share of the total food service market.
Organic Denmark/Claus Petersen
In Denmark, organic food accounts for a 41 percent share of the total food service market.

Sustainability is the growth driver in the Danish out-of-home market. In 2019 Sales of organic food in the food service market rose by 11 percent compared to the previous year, as the figures from the Danish Statistical Office show.

In 2019, food service companies on the Danish market purchased organic food worth more than €349 million (previous year: €308 million). Sustainability thus remains an important issue for the Danish out-of-home market. According to the statisticians, sales have risen significantly, especially in the dairy products category. Overall, the share of organic products in the food service segment is already 41 percent.

Many restaurants use organic labels

At the same time, the number of restaurants and canteen kitchens in Denmark offering food with organic labels rose by 20 percent last year. A total of 3,175 restaurateurs now serve meals with organically grown products. "Organic products are a growth driver in food service. On the one hand, the focus is increasingly on quality.

On the other hand, commercial kitchens are acting more and more sustainably in order to meet guests' wishes for resource-conserving and ecological food," sums up Torben Blok, Market Manager for Foodservice at Organic Denmark. According to Torben Blok, Denmark laid the foundations for today's success as early as 1987 with the world's first law on organic food production. A total of 98 percent of Danish consumers would be familiar with the state-controlled organic seal. It was already introduced 30 years ago.

"Clear rules and thorough controls have enormously increased confidence in organic products in Denmark and have boosted sales year after year," says Pernille Bundgård, International Market Director at Organic Denmark. But also the close cooperation between agriculture, product developers and retailers has ensured a steady development of the organic food range in Denmark.
About Organic Denmark
As an independent trade association for organic producers, farmers, foodservice and consumers, Organic Denmark represents over 90 percent of the added value in Denmark's organic food industry and is supported by government funds. The aim of the association is to increase the market share of organic food and to present the diversity and innovation of Danish organic products both nationally and internationally.