Digestif: Anna Schubert

"To lead is to be human and direct"

Anna Schubert, oat cat
© Haferkater
Anna Schubert, oat cat

In the "Digestif" section, industry leaders complete sentences and thus provide insights into their professional and personal lives. Today: Anna Schubert, Managing Director Haferkater.

This digestif first appeared in the October issue of foodservice (German). Read now!

I find inspiration for life and work... for me personally with other women in management positions and for business development with other, exciting food concepts.

What I love about my job ... the freedom to influence a company and its structures, and the diversity of my tasks.

If I were not in the catering industry, ... I would work as a foreign correspondent for a German newspaper and live in France.

I see the future of my company ... in a very positive light. The past few months have been turbulent, but the crisis also offers unique opportunities for oat hangovers to expand.

I took my biggest risk ... when, after only eight weeks in Berlin, in the middle of my studies, I opened the first Haferkater Café with two friends - with a six-month lease.
About Anna Schubert
When the 1st Haferkater Café was founded, Anna Schubert, managing director (with two friends) of the Haferkater company, founded in 2013, was still studying Romance and German language and literature. 2011 to 2013 in Strasbourg/France, 2013/14 via Erasmus at the Humboldt University Berlin. "My work experience at that time was limited to part-time jobs in gastronomy and journalistic activities", Schubert admits quite openly. As of 09/20, the company has 10 units, 4 of which are franchise operations. Focus on transport locations. "As a career changer, we learned our job as managing director of a food concept mainly during the first years of business. To this day there is no end to the learning process", says Schubert, who has worked her way into brand communication, shop construction/design and systemic structures.

For me, leadership means ... being demanding, human and direct.

I find a balance to my work ... not necessary if I can embrace myself at work.

I prefer to cook for friends ... not at all, but simply prepare many delicious and pretty things. That means aperitifs and reminds me of my years in France.

For one day I would like to have a good night's sleep.

My biggest quirk is ... not just one - and it varies depending on who you ask. I prefer not to ask.

I would use a year off to ... travel to New York, learn carpentry and read at least ten books.

Greenwashing in the foodservice industry makes me furious ... because sustainability has played an important role for us from day one.

For me, happiness means ... my life as it is: a bit stressful, a bit chaotic, always between work and family and definitely not boring.

For me, eating and drinking is ... a responsibility towards society and the environment.

If I could spend an evening with a prominent personality, it would be ... Juli Zeh, great author and constitutional judge.

I could never do without ... my notebook, without which I would be quite lost.

A perfect day ends with ... the feeling of having accomplished something and the peace of mind to enjoy that feeling. Preferably together with my boyfriend and our son.

When I am uncertain about decisions, ... I sleep on it.

I had the best meal away from home ... probably at Cookies Cream in Berlin.

I stay true to Berlin because... there is simply no other city in Germany that appeals to me.