Digital Talk Recap | Plant Power

Sexy, tasty, meatless

In Digital Talk: Moderator Claudia Zilz, chef Vitus Winkler, Corporate Chef Mario Piff and veggie pioneer Friedrich Büse (from left to right).
In Digital Talk: Moderator Claudia Zilz, chef Vitus Winkler, Corporate Chef Mario Piff and veggie pioneer Friedrich Büse (from left to right).

Veggie burgers, sausages and minced meat are among the bestsellers during the corona crisis and are posting substantial sales gains. A mega-trend, which should also be used by restaurateurs and community restaurants, has been the credo of the Digital Talk of foodservice and gv-praxis with three guests.

Talk guests of presenter Claudia Zilz (gv-praxis) were star chef Vitus Winkler, who runs a hotel and restaurant in the Salzburger Land in the fourth generation, Mario Piff, corporate head of the Soulkitchen Group/Glorious Bastards, and master butcher and Amidori founder Friedrich Büse.

Curious about meat-free

At the start, Büse provided valuable insights into the market and target groups. Recently he found out that the flexitarians are responsible for the boom on meat alternatives. Among the people who occasionally do without meat or do not eat meat at all, they are the largest groupwith 55 percent.
„The market is changing rapidly, the variety of products is increasing – also in community catering.“
Friedrich Büse, Amidori

In the area of company catering, 60 percent of employees would like to have regular, meat-free days. It is also exciting that 75 percent of the buying motives for vegetable meat alternatives are curiosity, followed by climate, taste, animal welfare and health. In further discussion it became clear that the plant power offers came to stay.

Mario Piff: "It is important to me that you don't see any difference between classic hamburgers and veggie burgers . This also applies to the pricing. Today,5 out of 13 burgers on his menu are veggie - demand continues to rise. That includes good wording like "Good karma". Piff and Winkler agreed that veggie must fit the concept and not be in contrast to it."We don't want to create a boundary, but a taste experience."

Important are raw materials from regional cultivation

Vitus Winkler: "Many guests love our surprise menus, tailored to their preferences, and thus discover new worlds of taste for themselves". Friedrich Büse:"The closeness to meat is there visually, because the eye eats with it." For the future, the panel of experts expects further ideas and innovations. For example, Amidori uses raw materials from regional cultivation such as field beans, lentils and mainly peas, whereby the mixture of raw materials is also important for digestibility. And it all depends on the protein content.

Market expert Büse is convinced that the market will bring a flood of new products, some of which are no longer meat-like. And it was important for everyone to stress that meat alternatives are high-quality foods that will offer plenty of creative and culinary scope in the future. In any case, a future market is growing up here.