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Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin relies on robots

Takes long distances away from service: The new service robot Mauzi, which will be used at the Maritim proArte.
Maritim proArte
Takes long distances away from service: The new service robot Mauzi, which will be used at the Maritim proArte.

For a few weeks now, service robot Maunzi has been lending a hand at the Maritim proArte Hotel, bringing the finished dishes from the kitchen to the restaurant. There, the service staff take the plates directly for serving.

The friendly cat face in the display is responsible for the nickname: "A great thing," says Michael Kattanek, F&B Manager and already a colleague of the new helper since the test phase. "Our robot drives to a fixed point in the restaurant, saving us the trip from the kitchen to the guest room. Of course, we take over the service to the guest personally, as before."

As a so-called food runner, Maunzi bridges a distance of 150 meters and then delivers the plates at the checkpoint. In this way, the robot helps to save time, which then remains for the guests, says hotel director Dirk Moser. However, "The guests are so enthusiastic about our friendly robot that they would prefer to have it right at their table."
About the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin
The Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin has a total of 403 rooms and suites. In addition, the hotel offers a gspacious wellness area as well as a restaurant and a bar. For events of all kinds, event capacities for up to 2200 people are available in 14 rooms. The hotel belongs to the Maritim Hotelgesellschaft mbH with headquarters in Bad Salzuflen. In Germany belong to the group at present 25 houses. In addition, the company is represented worldwide with 13 hotels.

There are also regulations governing the use of robots, for example for hygiene reasons. A robot that brings food, for example, is not allowed to transport used dishes. In addition, the new robot can only travel set routes, so it must be programmed beforehand and is therefore not a flexible "employee."

The service robot is well received by adults and children alike, for whom Maunzi is not infrequently the highlight of a hotel stay. "At first, we were concerned that the robot might seem impersonal and be received rather negatively," says the hotel director. During the test phase, however, the opposite became apparent. "That's why we decided to make this investment after a pilot phase lasting several weeks, making us the first Berlin hotel with a service robot of this kind."

And adds further, "We simply want to try out innovative ideas that can be further optimized and developed in the future." However, it is already certain that Maunzi will be convincing as part of the team and that other digital helpers will soon be deployed in German Maritim hotels. A service robot has also recently been on the road at the Maritim Airport Hotel Hannover.