Four tips for the smart delivery and collection business

Reaching customers digitally is becoming increasingly important.
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Reaching customers digitally is becoming increasingly important.

Whether cooperations with order portals or the operation of an own webshop - out-of-home deliveries are indispensable for many companies. Especially in the present time, this business is gaining more and more importance. To ensure that orders can be processed efficiently, it is necessary to connect the order portals as well as your own webshop to the infrastructure.

With these four tips you can easily optimize yours:

1. Online meets offline

Combine your orders. From guests in the restaurant, over the phone, to order portals and your own web shop - most companies that offer out-of-home deliveries serve several channels for incoming orders. If these channels are not networked, order handling can quickly become complex and chaotic.

Better! The cash register plays a central role in breaking up this mess and bringing order to the workflow. If order portals and web shops are connected to the cash register via API interface, all orders are bundled there and transferred to a stringent workflow: All incoming orders are transmitted in the order in which they are received to the kitchen and bar, where they are notified by printer or monitor.

2. Save time and fuel

Coordinate cleverly kitchen and driving services. If you are not in the comfortable position of working with an order portal that also offers a courier service for the journeys in your area, the deliveries have to be carried out with your own team or courier drivers and the coordination of the drivers has to be done in-house.

Better! Use navigation apps for your smartphone and optimize routes and driving times of your drivers! Apps such as Speedy Route, Route4Me or RouteXL are ideal for this. Stop points can be sorted in a way that minimizes the driving time. Available for free or for a small fee from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, these apps help you and your team save fuel and time on unnecessary trips.

3. All transaction channels at a glance

Process payments sensibly. Whether your own web shop for your restaurant or on order platforms - the most effective way to process customer payments in out-of-home business is the web shop. However, this "single-channel" approach, where orders are processed exclusively via the web shop, is countered by the loss of sales that results from closing other transaction channels. These include, in particular, ordering by telephone and cash or cashless payment on delivery.

Better! With modern cash register systems, the cash registers of your drivers can be settled without additional modifications to the system by registering each driver as a waiter. When choosing a payment service provider for your webshop, you should try to work with the same company that you use to handle the cashless payments in your restaurant. If you also want to equip your drivers with a mobile card reader that sends and receives data via mobile phone, you should also work with an existing payment service provider for this purpose if possible. The companies Concardis and Ingenico are among the service providers that offer such all-round packages with card readers for stationary and mobile use as well as webshop solutions.

4. With calm and understanding

Handle complaints confidently. Online feedback from your out-of-home customers is readily used by the community in their search for delivery services. Good ratings are therefore particularly important for you. But you shouldn't ignore negative criticism either and instead handle it in a sporty way.

Better! Discount codes are perfect for calming angry minds. With webshop systems such codes can be easily created and limited to one-time use. You can send the code by e-mail or SMS to the dissatisfied customer, who will then receive a small compensation - and at the same time you will have the chance of a follow-up business and maintain the customer relationship.

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