Dodo Pizza

Russian brand launches coffee bars and kebab concept

A new roof for now three brands. Numerous more are to follow.
Dodo Brands
A new roof for now three brands. Numerous more are to follow.

The globally active 630-unit pizza chain with Russian roots will be represented in Germany from September. It is now expanding its portfolio. A new umbrella brand will be introduced to accompany the launch of its own coffee bar and doner concept.

Recently, the company presented the Dodo Brands brand. Max Kotin, Global Communications, explains: "We are now taking a leap of faith and transforming an established pizza company back into a kind of start-up, just on a new level. The team is committed to developing into a foodservice group with a portfolio of brands." The new group identity stands for this change. Kotin adds that the D now appears three times in the logo - representing currently three brands: Dodo Pizza, Doner 42 and DrinkIt

Beyond Pizza

"Our expertise is not just in pizza. We know how to create retail concepts, combine IT and operations, set up a franchising system and work with strong entrepreneurs," says Fyodor Ovchinnikov, founder and CEO. In the future, numerous other concepts are therefore to be implemented, including sushi bars, bed-and-breakfast offers or, for example, dry cleaning. "On the one hand, Dodo Pizza is now an IT company with a lively engineering culture and its own digital cloud-based platform, and great developers want to work with us. On the other hand, Dodo Pizza is a retail franchise."

From day one, Ovchinnikov has been building a franchise concept based on a digital platform as a web service: "Developing our own digital platform would be pointless unless we were planning to build a global pizza chain, because the domestic market would simply not be enough to justify the investment in developing a large IT product from scratch for a single project."
„Our main product is digital franchising.“
Fjodor Ovchinnikov, CEO Dodo Brands
The two new concepts were presented at the annual partner meeting and, like Dodo Pizza, are characterized by the IT in the background and the apps for order processing, sophisticated operational procedures and product quality.

Doner kebab with system

The company has signed the first lease for Doner 42. The first location will be launched in Moscow in September. A special doner kebab grill was developed with food safety in mind and is available exclusively for the franchise partners. The equipment will be connected via telemetry, which should facilitate maintenance and evaluation.

Why Döner? Döner-Kebab is not just a food, but also has a large fan community - regardless of status and income. Moreover, doner kebab with the appropriate filling can convince even fans of a healthy diet.

Magomed Kostoyev is responsible for developing and implementing the concept. In addition to small street stands, there will also be food court units and fully-fledged fast food stores with dining areas. The number 42 in the name refers to the books "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and "Alice in Wonderland", among others.

View into the first DrinkIt unit.
Dodo Brands
View into the first DrinkIt unit.

"Digital first" coffee bar chain

At the annual partner meeting Anastasia Nikitina presented the coffee bar concept DrinkIt. The company opened a "digital first" coffee shop last Friday. There, ideally 100 percent of orders should be processed via a mobile app. This should result in a better product and a better customer experience. The advantages: Personalization of the sales department and employees receive immediate guest feedback on every order. The goal: Coffee and service quality on a completely new level. The price level should not be at discount level.

QR codes, which are displayed in the stores to simplify communication with the guests, are an important element for the operating staff. In addition to the typical hot and cold drinks of a coffee bar, Dodo Brands also uses topped toasts on the food side. The name DrinkIt also refers to the Alice in Wonderland story.

More transparency is not possible

The entire company is characterized by maximum transparency. All data can be viewed and evaluated by anyone at any time. "Stay as informed as our CFO" is the motto of Dodo Brands. Sales and store numbers, year-on-year growth, P&L and other key data of the fast-growing pizza chain have been available for years.

Dodo Brands
The company with Russian roots is currently active with the Dodo Pizza brand in 13 countries (China, USA, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Romania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom) and operates around 630 pizza shops (net +14 compared to the previous month). In July, system sales rose by 9 percent year-on-year to $28.5 million and like-for-like sales were up 11 percent. The brand was founded around ten years ago by Fyodor Ovchinnikov. His goal: to develop Dodo from a pizza chain into a technology-driven multi-brand QSR group.