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Cooperation with Vier Pfoten

Domino's Pizza signs Four Paws commitment to meat reduction.
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Domino's Pizza signs Four Paws commitment to meat reduction.

Domino's Pizza Germany, as a participant in the "Vier Pfoten Atlas Challenge" of the animal welfare organization Vier Pfoten, has committed to offering every third to fourth campaign pizza as a vegetarian or vegan dish. The implementation must take place by 2024, but will start as early as the next campaign in July.

Within its quarterly product promotions on different themes such as "Asian Fusion," the pizza delivery chain typically offers three new promotional p izzas, of which an average of one will be meat- and fish-free or plant-based in the future. This corresponds to a meat or fish reduction of 25-33 percent for the promotional pizzas.

Domino's Pizza Deutschland has signed a corresponding declaration of commitment from Vier Pfoten. In it, the company also pledges not to increase any meat or fish on its menu to compensate for the reduction of another, to promote meat and fish alternatives, to promote plant-based foods, and to further diversify its offerings with plant-based alternatives. A vegan cookie, vegan dip and vegan salad dressing are already about to be launched.

Fewer animal products

Stoffel Thijs, Managing Director Domino's Pizza Germany: "We are very pleased about the cooperation with Vier Pfoten. Signing the 'Vier Pfoten Atlas Challenge' pledge to reduce meat and fish is the next important step for us to live up to our claim of a sustainable animal and environmental protection policy with a responsible awareness for animals, people and the environment. As part of our sustainability strategy, we want to consciously rely less on meat and animal products and are already continuously expanding our menu to include vegan alternatives."
"Four Paws Atlas Challenge."
Vier Pfoten is calling on the food industry and catering businesses to commit to reducing their supply of animal products by 2024 and to increase plant-based alternatives in their sustainability strategy as part of animal welfare and environmental protection. This is to reduce the excessive production and consumption of animal foods and to send a signal against poor conditions in industrial animal farming.

Sonja Svensek, Head of Nutrition at Vier Pfoten: "Animal- and climate-friendly foods are becoming increasingly popular. And the food industry is also starting to become aware of the impact of high meat consumption and is increasingly responding to consumers' desire for alternatives to animal products. Vier Pfoten welcomes the fact that Domino's Pizza Germany is committed to reducing its meat and fish offerings and expanding its plant-based offerings. In doing so, the company underlines the relevance of animal welfare and climate protection."

Domino's was able to increase its sales in Germany last year by 23.4 percent to 2019, as shown in our Top 100 ranking report shows. Domino's is thus one of the few sales winners in the overall ranking. For more information, click here.