Domino's Pizza Enterprises | Annual Figures

Strong sales growth in the European markets

Domino's Pizza drivers: Since 2015 they can be seen (again) on Germany's roads.
IMAGO/Ralph Peters
Domino's Pizza drivers: Since 2015 they can be seen (again) on Germany's roads.

Domino's Pizza continues to experience strong growth in Europe. In the European countries of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Denmark, the network's sales increased by +23.0% to 921.5 million euros. This is according to the annual report (financial year: July 2020-June 2021) of Domino's Pizza Enterprises (DPE), the parent company of Domino's Germany, among others.

All European countries show a positive result, led by strong growth in Germany due to two acquisitions and the highest number of store openings in the European countries (+40). EBIT within the European network increased by 48.3% to 55.2 million euros. In total, 129 new stores were opened in DPE's European countries.

Across all countries for which DPE holds exclusive rights to the Domino's brand, 285 new stores opened. This represents an increase of 10.7 percent. In addition to the European country markets, DPE has exclusive rights in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Taiwan. DPE's total revenue for the financial year was 3.74 billion Australian dollars (AUD) (approximately 2.3 billion euros), an increase of 14.6 percent. The largest share of sales (AUD 2.93 billion) comes from digital channels.

Opening record at Domino's Germany

Domino's Germany remains on track for success in the European market, continuing its tremendous revenue and profit growth from the previous year. Despite significant constraints related to Covid-19, Domino's Germany set a new record high with the opening of 40 new stores. "We recognized early on that the 'hunger' for delivery services was growing and were able to outpace the competition with a mature infrastructure and a consistent, more attractive offering," Domino's Germany CEO Stoffel Thijs said. Domino's Germany has 371 operations, around 180 franchisees and around 10,000 employees.

As in the previous year, the company relied on a strong brand presence on TV, radio and digital. Especially in the digital area, the market leader was able to significantly increase performance and reach even more (potential) customers in an effective way. Domino's Germany also has another reason to be happy: "Despite the strong growth, we were able to improve our delivery times compared to last year and deliver hot pizza to our customers even faster!" At the same time, he stresses that the safety of all employees is always paramount. Speed is always made in the store by optimizing processes, relying on new technology or adjusting delivery areas, never on the street, he said.

First sustainability report

In addition to publishing its annual figures, Domino's Pizza Enterprises has also published its first sustainability report. The company's environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts are grouped under the Domino's For Good program.