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Domino's to introduce Nutri-Score

Domino's also used the introduction of the Nutri-Score as an opportunity to launch the first A-Pizza in Germany.
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Domino's also used the introduction of the Nutri-Score as an opportunity to launch the first A-Pizza in Germany.

Domino's Pizza Germany says it will be the first national quick service restaurant (QSR) chain to integrate Nutri-Score on product images starting this week. Matching the occasion, the market leader in the pizza delivery business is launching the first Nutri-Score A-Pizza "Fitness Fan."

Domino's Pizza Germany wants to prove that conscious nutrition also works in the quick-service sector: Starting this week, the pizza delivery expert is officially introducing the display of the Nutri-Score on the ordering website. The Nutri-Score is a five-stage traffic light system from A to E, which is intended to make it easier for customers to make more conscious choices about certain products. Domino's is thus continuing on its path toward transparency and commitment to quality.

The Nutri-Score

The combination of 5 colors and letters makes it possible to compare the nutritional value of foods in a product category at a glance and thus provides more orientation on the market. The dark green A stands for a rather favorable, the red E for a less favorable nutrient composition. The more green, the better the product is rated in terms of its nutritional value. Customer surveys in advance showed that around 95 percent of Domino's customers would like to see the Nutri-Score introduced on the website.

"By displaying the Nutri-Score on, the brand continues to focus on greater transparency to its customers," it says. More than 80 percent of medium pizzas at Domino's currently feature a B or C. Domino's has also used the introduction of the Nutri-Score as an opportunity to include the first A pizza in its range throughout Germany.

With mozzarella and chicken fillet to the top score

The "Fitness Fan" pizza, designated with a dark green A, is designed to impress not only with the highest nutritional value label, but also in taste. "Fruity tomato sauce, crunchy bell pepper strips, red onions, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, juicy chicken fillet and melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella ensure genuine pizza enjoyment without a guilty conscience," it says.

"The decision to display the Nutri-Score on our website is fully in line with our commitment to transparency towards our customers. We are proud of the great variety of our range and are not afraid to openly present all the ingredients of our products in order to give our customers the opportunity to make a more conscious purchasing decision," says Silke Krüger, Head of Brand at Domino's Pizza Germany.
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