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Doordash combines restaurant and LEH deliveries

Doordash drivers now bring combined orders at no extra charge.
IMAGO / Zuma Wire
Doordash drivers now bring combined orders at no extra charge.

Under the program "Doubledash", the US platform now offers combined deliveries. Customers can now have groceries and drugstore products delivered in addition to their restaurant meals.

Doordash simplifies the ordering process. In the USA and Canada, the e-food provider from California is now offering its customers the option of having products from nearby shops delivered to their homes in addition to their restaurant orders - according to the company, without additional fees or minimum order quantities. A driver - called a "dasher" at Doordash - is then supposed to bring the products over within half an hour in a bundled delivery. Previously, Doordash customers had to order and pay separately at restaurants and grocery stores.

Founded in 2013 as a restaurant-only delivery service, Doordash expanded its service to retail back in 2018. To do so, the e-food provider partnered with retailers 7-Eleven and Walgreens, among others.

The e-food retailer has so far offered the Doubledash program in the USA and Canada. Doordash is currently preparing its expansion into Germany and has founded a spin-off company, Doordash Technologies Germany GmbH, in Berlin.

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