Menu line for more animal welfare

The new food line Chicken with Attitude includes 10 dishes for the brand launch.
The new food line Chicken with Attitude includes 10 dishes for the brand launch.

The brand essence of the new food brand "Huhn mit Haltung" is animal welfare and sustainability. Contract caterer Eurest sources whole animals from family farms in Germany that provide fresh air, daylight and space for the animals to be kept busy, according to the Compass subsidiary.

"We believe that conscious enjoyment tastes even better!" is the message. All dishes in the new menu line are prepared exclusively with selected chicken from Germany to ensure the quality of the dishes.

The brand launch will kick off in August 2021 with ten 10 chicken-themed creations: With spicy lentil daal, rice & yogurt dip or a bulgur salad with tomato butter, the culinary journey with the popular poultry is to go around the world. The dish names such as "The Bollywood Star", "The Pearl" or "The Celebrity" indicate the countries of origin of the recipes.

"Our guests can choose directly at the counter whether they prefer to eat the leg or breast piece. The chicken itself comes to us as a whole in the kitchen and is then cut up by hand. We also make sure that all parts of the chicken, such as the back piece, are used for a stock," says Reuven Schockner, Culinary Manager at Eurest.

Marketing Manager Mareike Uhde is fully behind the conceptual approach of the new food brand. The issue of animal welfare in relation to meat consumption is extremely important and topical. The line meets an increased demand , which is reflected in a survey conducted by the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband ). According to this survey, consumers are prepared to pay a slightly higher price for animal welfare.

According to Eurest, the chickens used for the Chicken with Husbandry dishes grow up on family-run farms in Germany , are fed GMO-free feed, and have sufficient employment opportunities and space. Additionally, the birds of a slower-growing breed have daylight and fresh air in a conservatory.
About Eurest
The business caterer Eurest was founded in 1974. According to its own information, Eurest provides meals to 130,000 guests in Germany every day, 35 percent of the dishes are vegetarian. The company operates over 400 company restaurants with around 600 cooks and more than 80 coffee bars. Training is provided in over 40 establishments nationwide. The Eurestbrand belongs to the British Compass Group, the parent company of Compass Group Germany. The latter is the market leader for catering and food services and one of the leading providers of support services in Germany. In addition to Eurest, the contract caterer's portfolio includes the brands Food Affairs, Kanne Café and Leonardi. Compass Group Germany employs around 14,300 people and achieved a turnover of around €1.5 billion in the 2020 financial year, according to an exclusive gv-praxis ranking, Compass Group Germany achieved a turnover of 396.2* million euros (-35.4%, previous year €612.9m).

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