Europe Top 99 – most powerful category

QSR with 10.9% growth in 2019

McDonald's menu: quickservice brands have been thriving in 2019.
Imago Images / Rüdiger Wölk
McDonald's menu: quickservice brands have been thriving in 2019.

In 2019 Europe’s Top 99 Foodservice players achieved sales growth of 7.4% (in constant currency). The greatest growth was in the QSR segment (+10.9%), mainly because of expansion, acquisitions and delivery services. You can’t say it often enough: this segment is the pacemaker in our restaurant industry.

36 names out of the top 99 fall into this category. The majority are based in the USA, France, the UK and Spain. With a turnover of €64.1 bn, they represent 50.4% of the top 99’s total sales and cover the full range from pizza delivery and hamburger stores to coffee bars and noodle shops – including fast casual (with exceptions). Just as in most of the previous years, quickservice was, with + 10.9% (2018: +8.7%), the fastest-growing segment in 2019. 

Fast Casual drives the segment

The top 5 in this segment: McDonald’s, Yum! Brands, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and Starbucks.
Yes, this category is more powerful than any other market segment. It has the most new openings, is the most innovative and industrialized, has the most chains – and, typically, makes the most profit. This segment is where today’s booming businesses - to go and delivery - are at home. Alongside eating on the premises, they represent two highly relevant channels for the future.

Top 99 2019: Top 12 QSR

Quelle: foodservice Europe & Middle East
RBrand Sales '19 in € mvs. '18 in cc
1Mc Donald's*26,5008.2%
2Yum! Brands6,82624.4%
3Burger King*5,74011.0%
4Domino's Pizza*2,9708.0%
6Groupe Bertrand2,08916.1%
7Costa Coffee*1,9008.6%
11Pret a Manger9788.3%
12Alsea Iberia96068.4%

Of 36 companies, only four reported declining sales. But there are 13 with a double-digit increase in turnover. (Alsea Iberia +68.4%, Dodo Pizza +45.7%, AmRest +26.5%, Five Guys +26.1% and O’Tacos +25.0%).

Fast casual concepts are the main driver of the segment – and have been for more than a whole decade. And it is their influence that is pushing the more established companies to more premium, more freshness, more individual – and less standardized.
On McDonald's in Europe
A few words about McDonald’s with 8.2% sales increase in constant currency (estimated). For them, it has been another year with top figures in the UK, but also with very strong growth in markets like Italy, Poland and Russia. To recap: system sales for McDonald’s Europe in 2000 stood at €10.057 bn; in 2010 at €16.559 bn and now, in 2019, at an estimated €26.500 bn. It is not the first time in its history that McDonald’s has emerged from a difficult period, stronger than ever before.

A large-scale evolution has been in process for half a decade or more: a new production system, more and better premium products, massive investment in digital communication and new service solutions. One of the main goals is to establish table service as standard in all restaurants – something that was completely unthinkable just a few years ago! Whilst it means higher costs and greater effort for the system, it results in more convenience and a better brand experience for the customer, as well as higher sales for the franchisees.

The goal is to change the public perception of the giant.