European Foodservice Summit 2022

Key Learnings from two conference days

Prof. Chris Muller, co-founder and host of the European Foodservice Summit, summarized the complex content of 15 speeches in a few sentences.
Thomas Fedra
Prof. Chris Muller, co-founder and host of the European Foodservice Summit, summarized the complex content of 15 speeches in a few sentences.

At the 23rd European FoodService Summit in Zurich, more than 200 participants spent two days updating and exchanging ideas. On the stage of the top-class European industry summit, numerous renowned speakers provided interesting insights. The topics: Market research, science and practice with a wide range of topics from market data to technology, pricing, consumer behavior, M&A, food trends and employees. The essence of the summit by Prof. Chris Muller, summit founding member, event moderator and proven foodservice expert.


Don't get caught up in "presentism". Don’t be concerned only with now. Create Your dream to become reality​.
- David Bosshart, author, speaker and executive advisor


Staying relevant is the biggest problem. We are a business that is always a step ahead of the consumer. QSR Dine-In is no longer relevant after the pandemic.
- Gretel Weiß, Summit founder and editor of foodservice Europe & Middle East


All companies need a sustainability officer.
- Katrin Wißmann, Executive Editor of foodservice Europe & Middle East


Avoid as much animal suffering as possible. Open as many stores as possible. Economic efficiency is top priority.
- Charly Schillinger, Founder & Owner of Swing Kitchen


Our consumers are ready to:​ Trade down​, Cut out extras, Seek deals​.
- David Henkes, Senior Principal and Head of Strategic Partnerships, Technomic


Experienced investors have a strong advantage when risks are changed​. Take your experience and constantly re-evaluate it. Would I do the same thing today?
- Vincent Mourre, WhiteSpace Partners


Growth takes time​. Growth needs innovation. Diversification with focus​.
- Karl Brauckmann, Managing Director, Valora Foodservice Germany


Delivery is​ not “eating” restaurant share​, but “eating” supermarket share. People are not substituting the eating-out-experience. They go for convencience instead of shopping and cooking.
- Anton Soulier, Founder and CEO, Taster


In order for us to cut food waste, we need to collaborate.
- Daniel Khachab, Co-Founder and CEO, Choco


90% of Gen Z purchasing is ​done on a mobile device​.
- Claudia Studtmann, Head of Retail DACH, Meta


You need to think about “Resilience”. Be fast on your feet, think one step ahead! 
- Cyrille Filott, Global Strategist Consumer Foods, Packaging & Logistics, Rabobank


Food tech responds to consumer demands for choice​: Protein Tech.  Produce Tech​. Placement Tech.  Personalization Tech.
- Lou Cooperhouse, BlueNalu


Cultured meat? It is going to happen, because we have no other choice. It is not a question of whether, but when!
- Matthew Robin, Cultured Meat Innovation Hub; CEO, ELSA Mifroma


A juicer is not a machine!​ We focus 100% on people. Everything you don’t see we automate​ - Everything you do see we handcraft.
- Thomas Noroxe, Joe & The Juice


Family tradition is the definition of loyalty. People like to be connected  - to families, to friends, to the workplace.
- Christina Block, Member of the Supervisory Board and Shareholder of Block Group, Block Group

The motto of the 23rd European Foodservice Summit (20.-22.9.2022): " TIME TO ACT! Getting Ahead of the Transformation". The event is the most important European platform for the hospitality industry. The conference is organised by the trade journal foodservice Europe & Middle East of the dfv Mediengruppe and the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. Participants are the key players in the multi-unit restaurant and catering industry as well as suppliers and consultants. The next Summit will take place from 19 to 21 September 2023.