L'Osteria wants to conquer further markets

The pandemic has also taken its toll on L'Osteria. Now the company wants to focus on expansion in other country markets, among other things.
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The pandemic has also taken its toll on L'Osteria. Now the company wants to focus on expansion in other country markets, among other things.

While the effects of the Corona pandemic are still keeping the catering industry in Germany on tenterhooks, L'Osteria is already working behind the scenes on the further development of its brand.

After the 2021 financial year went well for L'Osteria in spite of difficult conditions and, according to the press release, also included some milestones in the company's history, the Italian brand gastronomy believes it is ideally equipped for the future.

According to the statement, the pizza and pasta professionals want to position themselves more broadly with new innovations, without losing sight of the focus on the brand and the core business. "By entering new markets and offering new services, the company aims to grow significantly in the coming years," it says.

Successful fiscal year 2021

The effects of the pandemic also required a special effort from L'Osteria: more than 150 restaurants with more than 6,000 employees had to be managed through the crisis. 20 new restaurant openings could be realized in the period between April and October 2021. "Particular milestones here include the first company-owned restaurant of FR L'Osteria SE abroad - in Lyon, France, in May - and the 150th restaurant of the overall brand in Munich Bogenhausen at the end of September," the company reports.

In addition, the Delivery segment with its own delivery fleet was once again significantly expanded and now accounts for around 20 percent of total sales. A new business area was opened up with the launch of eight premium ready meals in the food retail sector.

Ambitious goals for the future

L'Osteria sees the past year as a springboard for pushing ahead with its expansion plans at the same pace and even picking up speed. Johannes Schuster, Vice President Business Development of FR L'Osteria SE, comments: "With our strong growth, we not only want to have a positive effect on our brand awareness, but also open up new perspectives for our employees and position L'Osteria even more attractively as an employer within the catering industry. Our expansion plans will also open up new opportunities for our franchise partners. In addition, we want to align ourselves even more internationally than we already have."

The markets of Poland, Portugal, Spain and the Scandinavian countries are of particular interest. However, the core market of Germany as well as the existing European country markets are also to play an important role in further growth - the brand gastronomy sees particularly great potential in the French market. The three most important pillars of the expansion strategy are growth, digitization, and sustainability in terms of both our environment and social responsibility.

Important key positions

For all the future challenges, L'Osteria has filled important positions for its expansion strategy: for example, Emanuel Zimmermann was appointed to the Management Board in October 2021 and now strengthens it as CFO alongside Mirko Silz (CEO). John Schlüter has been responsible for overall marketing since November 2021 and, with his expertise, brings new impulses from the lifestyle segment to the company in his role as Vice President Marekting & Corporate Communications, it says. And further: "Especially the continuous strengthening of the brand and a consistent brand building will play an important role for the ambitious expansion plans."

Mirko Silz, CEO of FR L'Osteria SE, sums up: "We have done our homework in the last two exciting and challenging years of the pandemic, have turned many adjusting screws and have developed an ideal starting position for the coming years. Now we are looking ahead with confidence and look forward to further expanding the L'Osteria brand."
About L'Osteria
The first L'Osteria opened in Nuremberg in 1999. The success of the "nice Italian restaurant next door" encouraged the founders, Friedemann Findeis and Klaus Rader, to spread the concept further. Soon it went from Bavaria to the whole of Germany, until 2011, when it finally got its first taste of foreign air in Austria. With Switzerland, England, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, six more European countries were added. Mirko Silz has been on board as CEO since 2016 and Clive Patrick Scheibe as COO since 2020. Currently, L'Osteria is represented at over 150 locations in eight countries. The company relies on a cooperative relationship between suppliers, partners, and employees, as well as on employee development.