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First The Butcher & his Daughter for Zurich

The first The Butcher & his Daughter has been running in Zurich since August.
The first The Butcher & his Daughter has been running in Zurich since August.

In August of this year, the Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG from Dübendorf in Switzerland added a "daughter" to its burger concept The Butcher, which already has nine units. "The Butcher & his Daughter is not a simple better burger concept, but a better burger restaurant experience," explains Tamara Esch, Marketing Coordinator at FWG.

Although The Butcher & his Daughter also focuses on classic meat dishes, the new restaurant has already made its mark in the vegan community. Almost all dishes on the menu are also available plant-based. On Planted Tuesday there is even a special menu with exclusively plant-based dishes. By the end of 2021 the concept is supposed to be CO2-neutral.

The core elements are still burgers (especially bacon & cheese burgers with fries), chicken (especially chicken pie & waffles) and salad bowls (especially Farmer's Bowl with fried or plant-based chicken). Burger prices start at 23.50 Swiss francs (CHF) for the Grilled Veggie Burger to 28.50 CHF for the Chorizo Beef & Cheese Burger.

Strong interest from the vegan community

The restaurant has 97 indoor and 35 terrace seats. The interior, as well as all dishes and drinks, are completely geared to Instagram and to a longer stay, Esch informs. This makes a visit to the restaurant an experience.

The concept is very popular - it is very difficult to get a table at the weekend without a reservation. Surprised have, how strongly the vegane Community jumped on the topic. "The interest within this range is really enormous, so Esch.

The Butcher & his Daughter could definitely go into multiplication. The kitchen at the Zurich location also serves FWG as a ghost kitchen for delivery orders of The Butcher brand.
About Familie Wiesner Gastronomie
The company, based in Dübendorf, has been active on the Swiss market since the early 1990s. The Wiesner Gastronomie family focuses on Asian, Australian or Latin American concepts at central locations. With 32 operations and almost 740 employees (320, as of the end of 2019), Wiesner Gastronomie is ranked 21st in the top Swiss foodservice ranking for 2019 with annual sales of CHF 68 m.