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More plant-based for climate neutrality

Plant-based sushi from Miss Miu, a concept from the Wiesner Gastronomie family based in Dübendorf (Switzerland).
Plant-based sushi from Miss Miu, a concept from the Wiesner Gastronomie family based in Dübendorf (Switzerland).

Familie Wiesner Gastronomy (FWG) wants to further reduce its ecological footprint. The company, headquartered in Dübendorf, Switzerland, has therefore recently massively expanded the veggie offerings of its restaurants. In the future, every third dish sold will be meatless.

In 2020, FWG introduced more than 20 additional vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menus of its Nooch Asian Kitchen, Negishi Sushi Bar and The Butcher concepts. Not only is the company responding to diners' growing demand for plant-based alternatives, but it is also taking a step toward carbon neutrality.

"We want to continuously reduce our food-related CO2 emissions and completely offset them by the end of 2021 in order to be climate neutral with our dishes," explains co-managing director Daniel Wiesner about the family-owned company's goal. This means, for example, that in the near future every third meal sold on the menu of Nooch Asian Kitchen, Negishi Sushi Bar, Miss Miu, The Bucher and The Butcher & his Daughter should be meat-free. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are increasingly highlighted on menus. In this way, FWG wants to motivate diners to reach for the vegan and vegetarian dishes. In addition, the company measures theCO2 emissions of the dishes, which allows the guests to recognize with which dish they eat more sustainably - in other words: which menus have a smaller ecological footprint. This is currently not yet implemented, but should come soon.
Top seller according to concept

Nooch & Negishi: Harumaki Spring Rolls (appetizer)
Butcher: Long Beach Burger (after fries)
Miss Miu: Bunsan Deluxe (spicy Tantanmen Ramen Soup)
The Butcher & his Daughter: not yet possible to give a meaningful indication as the restaurant has only opened in August 2020.

Meat substitutes for beef, chicken, shrimp and pulled pork, among others, are soy-based. "In the future, we also want to use meat substitute products for salmon and tuna," Wiesner explains. How the alternatives differ in price from conventional dishes depends on the concept. Wiesner lets it be known, "At The Butcher & his Daughter, with the next menu change, we're going to implement a uniform pricing strategy, with no differences between meat and meat alternative."

Sustainability is a must

For the Wiesner family, sustainability is a must in their business. That's why they say they've been relying on high-quality ingredients from local partners, sustainably farmed fish, species-appropriate meat, electricity from Swiss waterworks, fully recyclable takeaway boxes and - wherever possible - menus delivered by bike for years.
About Family Wiesner Gastronomie AG
The Wiesner Gastronomie AG (FWG) family has been operating successfully on the Swiss market since the early 1990s. True to the conviction that enjoyable experiences in good company make people happy, FWG has been offering its guests gastronomy to experience and enjoy ever since. With 805 employees from over 60 countries, FWG operates 34 establishments - spread across the cities and conurbations of Zurich, Berne, Basel, Zug, Lucerne and Winterthur. The portfolio of the family-owned company consists of Nooch Asian Kitchen (12 locations), Negishi Sushi Bar (11 locations), The Butcher (7 locations), Outback Lodge (2 locations) Miss Miu, Gypsy Rose and The Butcher & his Daughter (1 location each) as well as Poke Nation and Kitchen Republic (virtual brands).