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Where do you invest so much money, Mr McGovern?

Amrest founder Henry McGovern.
Amrest founder Henry McGovern.

Henry McGovern, former Amrest CEO, has invested a lot of money in green concepts since leaving the Polish multibrand company. His latest coup: acquiring half a billion euros to invest in sustainable foodtech and brands. With chief editor Boris Tomic the major investor talks exclusively about how he wants to develop the food market with the help of his capital.

You have raised half a billion dollars from investors to push Europe's food industry further in the area of digitization. What exactly will you do with the money?

The restaurant industry is bouncing back fast with sustained demand, changing consumption habits and new opportunities propelled by the food technology disruption. McWin wants to help guide the change. The fund furthers our goal of helping some of Europe’s largest restaurant brands reach the next level, supporting their digitalization and expansion to international markets. Our team will identify the most attractive investment opportunities that benefit from food tech disruption and expected food service segment recovery; following a hands-on full-support approach to create sustainable value throughout the investment period for founders, investors, and management teams. We are targeting 4 to 5 deals of at least €100m per company.

What will be the first investments?
We will announce our first investment still this summer.

You say that digitization can help protect the planet and move the issue of sustainability forward. How exactly do you envision this?
Digitalization is a catalyst of change towards a more sustainable food system which is healthy for people, human for animals, and better for the planet. At the same time, technology helps companies to make smarter, faster, and more precise decisions. As a strategic partner, we will help enhance the digital transformation in these companies by impacting in the way businesses operate and the way people work, through digitization.

Meanwhile, you have $1 billion in capital with your case. What will be your next steps in the food industry?
We will continue to identify the most attractive investment opportunities that benefit from food tech disruption and the expected food service segment recovery. With a ticket size of €100M+, we’ll invest in iconic brands and leading large cap restaurant groups - achieving exceptional returns while driving the change towards a more sustainable food industry. Via our platform of funds, including our McWin Food Ecosystem Fund, McWin Food Restaurant Fund and the McWin Food Tech Fund, we will act as a strategic partner within the food ecosystem to enable a more sustainable future. This is an integral part of our strategy.

Are you also looking at acquiring other sustainable concepts?
Our platform of funds enables us to be proactive when opportunities arise, and sustainability is part of our DNA. Climate change and the instability in food supply pose significant challenges to the world. Our platform of funds – through its investment in improving food service operations and disruptive technologies – will be in great position to ignite positive change in the food industry.