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Vegan salmon, KFC's crowdfunding ideas and the future of hotel dining

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Our weekly newsletter covers noteworthy and curious news from the international hospitality business. Find out what we've discovered about vegan salmon, KFC's crowdfunding ideas and the future of hotel dining.

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Papa John's reaches agreement with founder
John Schnatter, who founded the pizza chain and served as CEO, agreed to leave the board of the company after helping to name a successor. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

KFC is crowdfunding its next marketing idea
Customers of the chicken chain can vote for their favourite invention on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The winning project will be produced by the company. (Approx. reading time: 1 min.)

Ima launches vegan 'salmon' sushi
The London-based sushi company has developed a vegan 'salmon' sushi set made from Konjac, an Asian root vegetable. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

Weekly Research Bite
Eating out of home is a huge market! In the Big 5 European countries (France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain) the CREST consumer panel counted 56 billion visits in the out-of-home market in 2018.  An increase of +0.8%  compared to 2017. This growth rate is on the same level as in the years before. However not all countries and market segments were driving this visit increase at similar levels.


UK cafés and restaurants encourage customers to bring their own lunch box
The pilot scheme, founded by the NGO Global Action Plan, aims to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic food packaging. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

Los Angeles bans self-serving plastic straw dispensers
The city prohibits full-service and fast food restaurants from offering plastic straws to customers unless they are requested. Drive-thru-operations are excluded from these measures. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)


The future of hotel dining
Hotel groups are increasingly aware of the importance of dining and turn, among others, to branded chain restaurants and food halls to satisfy their guests. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

Amazon plans to launch urban grocery stores
In yet another move the e-commerce giant wants to open grocery stores that could offer a selection of goods alongside food. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

Noteworthy airport gastronomy
As terminals modernize and the demand for local food grows, the number of destination-worthy airport outposts offering food you’ll want to eat has been steadily growing. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

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Integration through fast food
Aan Uong, daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, recalls how the burgers at McDonald's helped her family adjust to life in the USA. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)