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In-N-Out's lawsuit, Nando's growth and air-based meat alternatives

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In-N-Out's Californian lawsuit
The better burger chain has been sued by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection over a fire that erupted in 2017 on one of their properties. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

KFC test plant-based chicken in Canada
After a successful first run in one of its restaurants in Atlanta KFC now partners with the manufacturer Lightlife to bring two plant-based chicken items to a location in Mississauga, Ontario. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

McDonald's pays its workers $26 m
To settle a years-long legal battle with tens of thousands of workers over accusations of wage theft, the fast-food giant has agreed to pay the sum. (Approx. reading time: 4 min.)

Weekly Research Bite
Do you know the daily structural particularities of the out-of-home visits for each of the Big 5 European countries? In France for example afternoon snacking is a big occasion. Almost every 4th visit in the market is for an afternoon snack. In Spain this part of the day is equally important. The situation in Great Britain, however, is totally different. Only 14% of all visits are during the afternoon whereas dinner has an almost twice higher share of visits. (25%, YTD Jun 19).


Brewdog's craft beer sales are still top
Pints of the brands Punk IPA craft beer were sold 3.3 million times this year, earning it the pole position on The Morning Advertisers Drinks List. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

Nando's revenues hit £1 bn
Reporting for the fiscal year ending on 24 February 2019 show an increase in revenue of 8.4% for the South African chain. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

Michelin presents new dining-guide for Tokyo
For the upcoming year 226 restaurants have been included in the restaurant guide. 24 of them are new additions. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

Plant-based trends

What do consumers think about plant-based foods?
According to new research by Technomic consumers are more likely to buy plant-based foods, as opposed to offerings labelled as vegetarian or vegan. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

Consumption of plant-based protein to double by 2025
A key speaker at the Global Grain Geneva said that global consumption of plant protein ist expected to rise from 8 billion tonnes this year to 16.3 billion tonnes by 2025. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

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Have you heard of air-based meat?
A Californian start-up claims to have created the world's first air-based meat alternative. Apparently, they use carbon transformation techniques. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)