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A first peak into Europe's Top 99 foodservice players

Yum! Brands star in Europe ist rising. The parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell managed to climb to rank 3 of the Top foodservice company in Europe.
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Yum! Brands star in Europe ist rising. The parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell managed to climb to rank 3 of the Top foodservice company in Europe.

The exklusive and highly anticipated ranking of Europe's Top 99 foodservice player will be due in the October of foodservice Europe & Middle East. We present you with a first look. Also: don't miss out on our exklusive Digital Summit Talks starting at the end of October.

In 2019 Europe’s Top 99 foodservice players achieved sales growth of 7.4% (in constant currency). Two sectors are dominant, namely quickservice and contract catering. Greatest growth was in the QSR segment (+10.9%), mainly because of expansion, acquisitions and delivery services. For the top 99, 2019 proved to be a record year, with levels of turnover and growth that will not be seen again for some time to come.

Editor's Note: We have used figures from the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020 - without adjustments for the Covid-19 crisis. That way, the successes and overall impressions of the year will remain valid for future consideration and comparison.

The Top 10

McDonald’s weighs in at over € 26 bn system sales and 8.2% growth (both estimated). With combined net sales of nearly €69 bn, the Top 10 players account for more than half the turnover of all Top 99 companies.

There is movement in ranks 3 to 6. Significant amongst these are Yum! Brands, who, with almost 25% growth, climb from 5th to 3rd place. Not one player in this top group has reported a decrease in sales.

Top Europe's foodservice players 2019

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R.GroupSales '19
1 McDonald's*26,500
3Yum! Brands6,826
4Compass Group6,675
5Burger King*5,740
7Domino's Pizza*2,970
8Mitchells & Butlers2,550
10Autogrill Group2,163

Growth Champions

This year, the list of the fastest growing companies is headed by Alsea Iberia from Spain (rank 28) with a turnover plus of 68.4%. Alsea, Mexico’s biggest restaurant company, made big investments in Europe.Second in line is the Restaurant Group from the UK (rank 23) with a growth rate of 56.4%.

Growth star number three with 45.7% plus compared to the sales in 2018 is Dodo Pizza from Russia (rank 84). New names in the list include: Papa John’s (rank 58) and O’Tacos (rank 97)


  • McDonald’s lead the pack, far ahead of all the competition.
  • The share that American quickservice brands hold in the Top 99 chart is again on the increase.
  • At both national and European level, mergers and acquisitions are changing the landscape of ownership dramatically.
  • Scandinavia: in the north, the strategies and operations of restaurant players are typically more sustainable than in other parts of Europe.
  • Chain networks: for Yum! Brands Europe represents 54 national markets, for McDonald’s, in second place, 39 and for Subway 34.
  • In the matrix of change, delivery and related services are becoming a leading contributor to comparable sales.
  • Burgers & pizza: These two billionaire bestsellers in our sector enjoy a major presence in our ranking.
  • The aim must be long-term success – in the interests of staff, brand and owners.

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