Sophia Loren as muse for restaurant chain

A restaurant concept based around Italian icon Sophia Loren has opened in Florence. Expansion is soon to follow.
Costa Group
A restaurant concept based around Italian icon Sophia Loren has opened in Florence. Expansion is soon to follow.

The Italian concept "Sophia Loren - Original Italian Food" opened in Florence at the end of April. The restaurant was created by Luciano Cimmino. The partnership signed between Cimmino and the Italian actress provides for a development plan in Italy and abroad, as well as a licensing agreement for a restaurant chain.

The first "Sophia Loren - Original Italian Food" has opened in the heart of the Tuscan capital. The restaurant is dedicated to the Neapolitan actress, who was chosen as the project's inspirational muse because of her truthfulness, the company explains. The next steps will be Naples and Milan , but then Dubai and Miami, Hong Kong and Shangai.

Luciano Cimmino is an Italian entrepreneur and already head of Pianoforte Holding Group, which includes textile brands Yamamay and Carpisa. He also chairs Dream Food. This is the company that owns "Sophia Loren - Original Italian Food" and is owned by the Cimmino and Carlino families. Other individuals and a finance company are part owners.
The restaurant was designed by Studio Redaelli & Associati in collaboration with the Costa Group. The latter has specialized in design and furnishings for the F&B sector for more than 40 years. Franco Costa, President of Costa Group, comments, "It was a privilege for us to be part of this great project and to create a unique and unforgettable facility."

More than 1,500 square metres is spread over three floors, two of which will be used as restaurants and one as a kitchen, storage and service area. There will be 270 seats in the restaurant, cafeteria, bakery and cocktail/wine bar.

Professionals for the F&B offer

The pizzas on the menu were created by Francesco Martucci, according to the company the best pizza maker in Italy in 2020 with the restaurant "I Masanielli" in Caserta. The other dishes are by Gennarino Esposito, chef with 2 Michelin stars and director of the restaurant "Torre del Saracino" in Vico Equense. The bakery is the responsibility of Carmine di Donna, who was already in charge of the bakery of Gennaro Esposito's multi-starred restaurant.

Luciano Cimmino, Chairman of Dream Food and Pianoforte Holding, reports, "In 2014 we started an ambitious and innovative dream that we have now been able to realize, despite the recent difficulties: This project was born from the desire to take on a new business challenge with the ambition of offering a unique, all-Italian experience in the F&B industry. " And he goes on to explain the partnership with the actress: "Always fascinated by her Mediterraneanity, her charm that transcends any geographical and generational boundaries, we chose Sophia as the inspirational muse for the project because we thought she would be perfect to convey the strongly Italian connotation we envisioned for this project."Adds

Sophia Loren, "When I was offered to participate in this project, I had no doubts because this restaurant embodies some of the things I love most: Italian cuisine, shared moments associated with it, and even some of my characters are connected to food in some way."