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Laure Berment likes to shop fresh every day, loves to cook in company and has set herself the goal of eventually bringing foodwaste close to zero.
Laure Berment likes to shop fresh every day, loves to cook in company and has set herself the goal of eventually bringing foodwaste close to zero.

Confident, combative, with a huge dose of positive energy and the necessary business knowledge, Laure Berment is on a mission: to abolish foodwaste.

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"My parents used to buy and cook fresh practically every day," recalls Laure Berment. "I thought it was terribly inefficient," she adds. Today, she does it that way herself. First, because it's beautiful. "Second, it's the easiestway to shop to the point and not throw anything away." With full commitment, the Berliner-by-choice with French roots is pursuing the goal of bringing what she considers one of the most scandalous giant sums to zero. 11 million tons of edible food are thrown away in Germany every year - a total of 18 million! To this end, she helped set up the online platform Marktschwärmer. Her first job after studying business administration with a focus on social business. Because: "My studies gave me the tools to be able to do a socially relevant job - with a big reach." That requires a profitable business that creates fair jobs for people with a mission.

While the Marktschwärmer links regional producers and consumers in such a way that supply and demand fit perfectly and as little as possible is left over, she devotes her time as managing director of the Food rescue app Too Good To Go. (TGTG) in Germany to the other end of the value chain. Her dream: to become superfluous. She has to laugh: "Wanting to do away with your own company sounds audacious, yes, but of course it's completely utopian." She continues: "I don't think about what I would like to do next. Such distractions needlessly drain energy that should be devoted to the cause." A company without an overall social mission is as out of the question for her as it is for her 70 employees. When it launched in Germany in 2016, there were only a handful.

It's like-minded people, career starters, but also people who bring their experience to the table, who changed careers in search of meaning. "We are a social impact company. Profitability is not an end, but a means to an end," says the 31-year-old. Right up front, that includes alliances with the big boys. "Who, if not global players like Unilever with a lot of market power, can advance our cause?" Networking, finding fellow campaigners is her passion. To do this, Laure Berment likes to be out and about a lot: for example, giving talks to potential partners or at universities.

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About the person
The 31-year-old graduate in business administration with a focus on social business has been managing director of the German branch of the food rescue app Too Good To Go since 2019. Before that, the French-born worked for five years as Country Manager at the social enterprise Marktschwärmer in Berlin. The passionate cook's permanent goal: to put food to its intended use, to provide enjoyment and to fill you up - and not to end up in the trash.

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