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Large chains recovering, McDonald's eco-friendly flagship and COVID-19 results on the breakfast business

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Our weekly newsletter covers noteworthy and curious news from the international hospitality business. Find out what we've discovered about large chains recovering and McDonald's new eco-friendly flagship store. Also, take a look at our research about how the breakfast business ist hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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He is Senior Vice President, Foodservice Europe and has tracked consumer behavior trends for more than 20 years. 
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Pandemic hits breakfast business especially hard 
Breakfast has been the strongest growing daypart across the European countries before the COVID-19 crisis hit in. I the Year Ending February 2020, it showed another Spend growth of +10% across the BIG 5 Western European countries. However, with the downturn caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, that growth trend came to an abrupt end. And not only has the breakfast business been suffering, it has also lost more strongly than other times of the day. The reason is that this business is mostly driven by the working population as well as students and school kids taking a bite or a sip on the way to or at work or school. Therefore, 'working from home' and 'home-schooling' has caused this business to come to a very abrupt stop. And it is unclear whether it will ever be back to pre-COVID-19 levels.


Large restaurant chains have mostly recovered in the USA, a study finds 
The rest of the industry still struggles. These are the results of an analysis of credit card spendings conducted by Bank of America. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

Chicken concepts holding up strong during COVID-19
Even with restaurants closed, consumers kept on ordering chicken. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)


McDonald’s shows energy efficient global flagship restaurant
The eco-friendly building at Walt Disney World Resort can cover its own energy needs for a year by generating renewable energy. Even customers can participate. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

White Castle to test burger robot 'Flippy'

The robot is built by Miso Robotics and will be tested in at least one store in fall. It can fry food and flip burgers and is already used in some stadiums and venues. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

Burger King offering low-methane Whopper in some units
The Restaurant Brands International chain is rolling out a Whopper patty made from cows on a low-methane diet – which includes lemongrass – in selected US-locations. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

COVID-19 crisis

Starbucks makes masks in all its US-stores mandatory
Starbucks announced that it would require all patrons to wear face masks at its locations across the United States, effective from July 15. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)

What will the New Normal in restaurant design loo
k like?

The goal for future restaurants will be to create dining rooms in which customers feel safe. A specialist for restaurant design gives some examples how that can be achieved. (Approx. reading time: 4 min.)

By the way

Who owns a signature dish – chef or restaurant?
When leaving a restaurant, chefs must often navigate the murky waters of whether they can take the dishes they created with them. About the intellectual property of recipes. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

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