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Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and spending occasions in restaurants

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Our weekly newsletter covers noteworthy and curious news from the international hospitality business. Find out what we've discovered about Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and the Nutri-Score. Also, take a look at our market research on spending occasions in restaurants.

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Market Research

Occasional spending in restaurants
Socializing Motivations – or in other words: consumers using restaurants to have a good time with their partner, family or just hanging out with friends – have been one of the growth drivers over the past years in each one of the five European countries surveyed. The one essential difference between socializing motivations versus other motivations such as convenience or impulse is how much is spent per person. This average eater cheque on occasions that are about spending a good time together is over 8 Euro and therefore around 70% higher than when consumers use restaurants for convenience or impulse reasons at around 4,70 Euro.


Starbucks reveals Q2 results
The coffeehouse chain reported a 10 percent decline of their same-store sales in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2020. Their third quarter results are expected to take an even bigger hit from the pandemic. (Approx. reading time: 4 min.)

15 Chick-fil-A employees test positive for Covid-19
Two restaurants in Texas are at the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak, forcing the chain to close those locations temporarily. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

Burger King plans to reopen UK-sites
According to UK-CEO Alasdair Murdoch, the chain wants to reopen 350 to 400 of their 500 stores in the UK by the end of June. (Approx. reading time: 2 min.)


How the corona virus is shaping the foodservice industry
The sixth update by Technomic takes a look at the uncertainty around the reopening of the economy and what marketing strategies are driving restaurant sales. (Approx. reading time: 5 min.) 

The Paycheck Protection Program is open for a second round
After the initial funds of $350 bn were depleted in under two weeks, a $310 bn refill has been signed into law. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

Nathan's Famous will repay $1.2 m Paycheck Protection Program loan
The Long Island-based chain joins a growning number of restaurant brands that are returning the money granted in the Small Business Administration-backed initiative. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

Food & Beverage

Manufacturers are rallying in support for the EU-wide adoption of the Nutri-Score
An almost 40-strong list of companies, including Nestlé and Danone, has called for the mandatory enforcement of the Nutri-Score across Europe in a letter to the EU Commissioner for Health and Safety. (Approx. reading time: 4 min.)

Anheuser-Busch InBev releases Budweiser Zero
The brewing company will use their new Zero-range to replace the Budweiser Prohibition Brew. The launch will be global and is intended to start in the coming months. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)

By the way

First gin from Hongkong turns out the be a sham
After a raid by custom officers, the company Hongkong Distillery was found to be importing their gin from New Zealand rather than producing it at the distillery in Tsuen Wan, as claimed. (Approx. reading time: 3 min.)