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Shaffi Group opens Pret A Manger

First time at Highstreet: Pret A Manger in Germany
Pret A Manger
First time at Highstreet: Pret A Manger in Germany

Eagerly awaited: the first high-street location of the British sandwich and coffee chain Pret A Manger in Germany. Local partner Shaffi Group has launched its first Pret A Manger location in a prominent location in downtown Frankfurt. Stéphane Klein, Managing Director at Pret A Manger Europe, who came to the opening, revealed to FOOD SERVICE further expansion plans for Germany and Europe.

Stéphane Klein, Managing Director at Pret A Manger Europe, said, "We are very happy and proud to open the first Pret store in Frankfurt with the Shaffi Group. The Shaffi family has written a remarkable success story in our industry over the past 25 years."

Fahim Shaffi, Director Business Development and Operations at Shaffi Group, says: "We look forward to a long-term partnership with Pret A Manger, Stéphane Klein and his team and can't wait to share the excitement of Pret A Manger, homemade sandwiches and coffees with our guests and our wonderful team in Frankfurt."

60 seats in the Pret store indoors, with another 40 seats added outdoors. The Frankfurt menuboard features all the Pret classics such as the Classic Super Club, a wide selection of baguettes and the vegan Avo, Olives & Toms and the best-selling Chicken Ceasar Bacon Baguette. In addition, there are wraps, soups and salads. The breakfast and afternoon menus are complemented by baked goods, yogurt and fruit cups, and smoothies. The coffee assortment is made with organic beans - organic milk and organic milk alternatives are available for selection.

Klein told FOOD SERVICE that between 10 and 15 percent of the Pret menu may incorporate each country's local flavor. Accordingly, in Germany, pretzels and grain buns could go on display.

Klein already has his sights set on Munich and Berlin for expansion in this country - in the capital, there are plans for another opening in a high-street location in 2022. In Berlin, Pret is already represented at the main train station - in partnership with travel experts SSP. Other countries on the European continent are also set to celebrate premieres soon - including Italy and Spain. Last week, according to Klein, Pret also launched another store in Switzerland, in Geneva, and before that the brand debuted in Luxembourg.
About Pret A Manger
Pret A Manger was opened in London in 1986. Pret currently operates over 550 stores in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, France, Dubai, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore and Germany. A Pret A Manger opened in Berlin's Hauptbahnhof back in 2018, and the unit is now operated by SSP. Since 2018, Pret A Manger has been part of JAB Holding. In 2019, before the Corona pandemic, the brand had global sales of around £1 billion with a unit count of 627.

About Shaffi Group
The Shaffi Group is a second-generation family business based in Mörlenbach near Frankfurt. Since 1996, the company has been one of Burger King's largest franchisees with around 40 restaurants in southwestern Germany. It employs more than 1,200 people. In addition, the group is active in real estate development, the hotel industry and as a venture capital investor.