Frankfurt Airport

The first Pezzo di Pane opens

Tim Mälzer with Patrick Rüther at the new Pezzo di Pane at Frankfurt Airport
Tellerrand Consulting
Tim Mälzer with Patrick Rüther at the new Pezzo di Pane at Frankfurt Airport

Tellerrand Consulting wants to offer passengers at Frankfurt Airport a stopover in Rimini, Italy: As of today, Tuesday, the new restaurant of the gastro professionals has opened in Terminal 1. Pezzo di Pane aims to convey the candy-colored lifestyle of Bella Italia as it was in the 60s with homemade pinsas, salads and pasta.

With Tellerrand Consulting, TV chef Tim Mälzer, together with his business partners Sven Freystatzky, Tim Koch, Kerstin Rapp-Schwan and Patrick Rüther, wants to look beyond the well-known boundaries of gastronomy in Germany. The five entrepreneurs advise colleagues and other players in the industry and also run restaurants themselves, including the Bullerei in Hamburg and Hausmann's at Frankfurt Airport. Right next door, they are now launching their latest project at Terminal 1 airside.

Tellerrand Consulting: Pezzo di Pane No.1

Inspired by the sophisticated Rimini of the 1960s, Pezzo di Pane wants to whisk its guests away to a flamingo-coloured scenario: pastel, convivial, indulgent. "Our guests should enjoy with all their senses and forget the rest of the world for that moment," Patrick Rüther outlines the idea behind the concept.

"Our dishes reflect the original and proud cuisine of Italy, which has had its home in every family for generations," says Tim Mälzer.

Pezzo di Pane translates as a piece of bread, but also as a "good soul," read: an honest and decent person. Or a restaurant with a good soul that revives holiday memories as well as anticipation of the next trip, and at the same time conveys a pleasant feeling - like biting into a piece of bread while it's still warm, the makers promise.

Of course, Pezzo di Pane offers much more than bread in its 170 square meters of space: Highlight on the menu are Pinsas, a variation of the classic pizza from Lazio with a hearty base that is particularly digestible thanks to a long dough rising time. Also on the menu: pasta, salads, wines and coffee specialties - served at the table or as grab & go to go. According to the company, a new function can also be used: Yoordi. With the help of the self-ordering service, guests can pre-order at several gastronomic establishments and pay cashlessly - and that without a special app. All that is needed is a QR code that leads to the menus of the participating concepts.

In addition to Mälzer, Rüther and Kerstin Rapp-Schwan, the system gastronomy professionals Sven Freystatzky and Tim Koch ensure that there is a clever operational concept behind the sophisticated cuisine. They want to roll out Pezzo di Pane throughout Germany soon: According to their own information, the all-day concept can be flexibly multiplied and established in city locations and especially at international high-frequency locations such as airports. Currently, there are no concrete plans for expansion.